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A list of the items scheduled to appear in our "Featured Item" feature:

Serving visual-spatial learners  
(Tuesday, February 21, 2017) High spatial ability is necessary in many fields, particularly in the visual and performing arts and in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). "Serving Visual-Spatial Learners" seeks to offer teachers, parents, and others who work with pre-Kgrade 12 students a variety of means by which they can offer a spatially focused education and better address the needs of students with visual-spatial ability. The book seeks to answer the question: Can spatial ability be improved in educational settings, and, if so, how?
The active reader : strategies for academic reading and writing 
(Wednesday, February 22, 2017) The Active Reader offers a practical, integrated treatment of academic reading and writing at the post-secondary level. Thirty-four thought-provoking essays that highlight a variety of disciplines and rhetorical patterns are accompanied by comprehension and analysis exercises that encourage students to apply critical thinking skills to common assignments.
Education is not an app : the future of university teaching in the Internet age  
(Thursday, February 23, 2017) Education Is Not an App offers a bold and provocative analysis of the economic context within which educational technology is being implemented, not least the financial problems currently facing higher education institutions around the world. The book emphasizes the issue of control as being a key factor in whether educational technology is used for good purposes or bad purposes, arguing that technology has great potential if placed in caring hands.
Practice what you teach : social justice education in the classroom and the streets  
(Friday, February 24, 2017) Practice What You Teach follows three different groups of educators to explore the challenges of developing and supporting teachers’ sense of social justice and activism at various stages of their careers: White pre-service teachers typically enrolled in most teacher education programs, a group of new teachers attempting to integrate social justice into their teaching, and experienced educators who see their teaching and activism as inextricably linked. Teacher educator Bree Picower delves into each of these group’s triumphs and challenges, providing strategies and suggestions for all teachers along with her in-depth analysis.

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