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A list of the past entries in our "Link of the Day" feature:

 07-Jul-15 73 years after being denied library card, Pearl Thompson is honoredPearl Thompson was a student at Shaw University in 1942 when she was told she couldn’t check out a book from Raleigh’s public library because she was black.  She was sent to the library’s basement, where she had to wait for a staff member to bring her the book she was assigned to read for a history class. Blacks weren’t issued library cards, so she had to stay in the basement to read it.
 06-Jul-15 An 11-year-old prodigy performs old-school jazzRaised listening to his dad's old records, Joey Alexander plays a brand of sharp, modern piano jazz that you likely wouldn't expect to hear from a pre-teenager. Listen as the 11-year-old delights the TED crowd with his very special performance of a Thelonious Monk classic.
 03-Jul-15 Samsung's 'see-through' trucks aim to reduce risk of passing on highwayNavigating busy two-lane highways can mean drivers often can't see the road for the cars and take a risk that can prove fatal when they attempt to overtake large vehicles like transport trucks. The Korean technology giant Samsung wants to reduce that risk with the help of technology that allows drivers to virtually see "through" the vehicles ahead of them. Using monitors mounted on the back of a truck or other large vehicle and connected wirelessly to a camera in front, Samsung's Safety Truck technology shows drivers what's ahead of the 18-wheeled obstruction they're driving behind — day or night.
 02-Jul-15 Hoverbikes for U.S. military in developmentThe military wants to use hoverbikes as "tactical reconnaissance vehicles" for scouting, says a recent news release from U.K.-based Malloy Aeronautics and U.S.-based SURVICE Engineering Co. Malloy Aeronautics began developing the hoverbike years ago in an effort to develop a cheaper, safer alternative to helicopters, which can strike things with their rotors, damaging property and causing a crash.
 30-Jun-15 The art of first impressions - in design and lifeBook designer Chip Kidd knows all too well how often we judge things by first appearances. In this hilarious, fast-paced talk, he explains the two techniques designers use to communicate instantly — clarity and mystery — and when, why and how they work. He celebrates beautiful, useful pieces of design, skewers less successful work, and shares the thinking behind some of his own iconic book covers.
 29-Jun-15 Footprints found on B.C.'s Calvert Island could be oldest in North AmericaThe footprints of family members gathered around a hearth fire thousands of years ago on the central coast of B.C. may be the oldest ever found in North America. The impressions left by the feet of two adults and a child in the soft clay of Calvert Island appear to be 13,200 years old, which would make them older than any others ever found on the continent, announced the Hakai Institute, a research organization that helped support the research.
 26-Jun-15 Why Radio Stations Lust for Facebook MemesLithuanian radio station ExtraFM has over 400,000 Facebook fans, and posts cat pictures, fail videos, and image macros. Their "About" consists of a link to their website and a video of a man in a zebra costume singing a song to a group of children in a parking lot. This is not something you’ll find on the social media of local television stations or newspapers. So what exactly is going on here? What do Iraqi pandas have to do with Billy Joel?
 25-Jun-15 Amazon Will Soon Start Paying Authors Based On e-Book Pages ReadWhat if we lived in a world where authors earned royalties not based on how many books they sell, but on how many pages we read? The idea, which would have been preposterous 10 years ago, is not only possible with modern technology, it’s something Amazon will be test driving this summer. Beginning on July 1st, authors who self-publish through Amazon’s KDP Select Program will become part of a new publishing experiment.
 24-Jun-15 How to do more with lessTraditionally, businesses and organizations have focused on centralized production, complex, slow-moving R&D, and trying to anticipate what their customers might want in the future. Along the way, they've tended to create products that are unsustainable, that are either inexpensive or high quality. Navi Radjou makes the case for 'frugal innovation' in his new book called (you guessed it!) Frugal Innovation.
 23-Jun-15 Rare blue-coloured green frog found in Nova Scotia backyard pondA family near Springhill in Nova Scotia's Cumberland County needn't look farther than their backyard for a rare sighting in nature — a blue-coloured green frog. The Scheltgen family first saw the frog a year ago and now, they're hopping up and down after finally capturing photographic proof.  "Last summer, my husband noticed a blue frog and we just thought that was kind of odd," Melissa Scheltgen told CBC News. "He told a few people at work and no one really believed him."
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