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 02-Sep-14 FIRST-GENERATION STUDENTS BLAZE FAMILY TRAIL IN PURSUIT OF HIGHER LEARNINGTheir future areas of study differ, but Muhammad Cheema and Zayan Rafeek share a common connection beyond friendship: each is a trailblazer within their families in the pursuit of higher learning. Both bound for Toronto's Ryerson University in the fall, the pair will be among a distinct group of newcomers welcomed into the frosh fold, among the first in their families to make the leap to college or university.

 29-Aug-14 Rogers And Shaw Team Up To Launch A Netflix Competitor For Canada Called ‘Shomi’Canadian cable giants aren’t just going to watch their audience slip away to streaming services – two of the nation’s biggest providers have joined forces to launch shomi, a new subscription-based service that provides access to shows on-demand, with apps for tablets, phones, web, Xbox 360 and set-top boxes at launch.
 28-Aug-14 A Selection Of Novels For Science LoversThere are many stories, both inside and outside of the science fiction genre, that have themes of a scientific nature. Some are deliberately written to teach science, whilst others just draw heavily on both current understanding of science, and potential future scientific developments and ideas.
 27-Aug-14 Warren Buffett, Burger King And The Big Money Behind Inversion DealsThe inversion deal wave that has seen American companies purchase foreign companies and reincorporate outside the U.S. to lower taxes has been to a large degree fueled by Wall Street and prominent money mangers. Now, the biggest money man of them all is backing the Burger King Worldwide BKW -3.09% effort to buy Canada’s Tim Hortons  doughnut chain and redomicile north of the border.
 26-Aug-14 New Florida University Unveils Bookless LibraryFlorida’s newest public university—Florida Polytechnic University (FPU)—is so new it doesn’t even have accreditation yet. Its mission is to educate students in the STEM fields, and Chief Information Officer Tom Hull describes it as part of a future “Silicon Valley East” between Orlando and Tampa. FPU features a lot of innovative, not to say controversial, departures from tradition, including a no-tenure model for its 26 newly hired professors and a library without physical books.
 25-Aug-14 The Beatles' White Album turned into art installation Artist Rutherford Chang has spent the past eight years snapping up copies of The Beatles' so-called 'White Album.' Of particular interest were first pressings in which previous owners had decorated, adorned or marked up the famously blank cover art. The result is an exhibition, We Buy White Albums, featuring of over 1,000 versions of the 1968 release (known officially as The Beatles.)
 22-Aug-14 Glacier melt worldwide now caused mainly by humansMan-made greenhouse gas emissions have become the dominant cause of melting in glaciers from the Alps to the Andes that is raising world sea levels, a study said on Thursday.  Human emissions accounted for an estimated 69 per cent of loss of ice from glaciers from 1991-2010, overtaking natural climate variations that had been the main driver of a retreat since the mid-19th century, researchers wrote in the journal Science.
 21-Aug-14 A brief history of USBIf you were using a computer anytime before the dawn of USB in the Pentium and Pentium II eras, connecting pretty much anything to your computer required any one of a large variety of ports. Connecting a mouse? Maybe you need a PS/2 connector or a serial port. A keyboard? PS/2 again, maybe the Apple Desktop Bus, or a DIN connector. Printers and scanners generally used big old parallel ports...
 20-Aug-14 Zombie camp teaches Manitobans how to survive possible apocalypse"A bunch of survivors have come to this land and we’re here to train and prepare ourselves for the possible zombie apocalypse,” said Deidter Stadnyk of Zombie Survival Camp. Twenty “survivors”  camped out starting Friday night on property owned by CD Trees. They were trained in archery, weaponry and wilderness survival before a simulated zombie outbreak Sunday.
 19-Aug-14 The Future of College? The Future of College? A brash tech entrepreneur thinks he can reinvent higher education by stripping it down to its essence, eliminating lectures and tenure along with football games, ivy-covered  buildings, and research libraries. What if he's right?
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