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 24-Mar-17 How four innovators use nature as inspirationWhen the Earth is the focal point of your work, it’s inevitable that the subtle details and nuances of the planet will make their way into your research and influence the direction of the outcome. Nature influences science in myriad different ways, from a plant’s barb leading to the creation of Velcro, to a bird’s wings inspiring the design of the airplane. Nature has proven time and time again to be the gold standard in innovation, allowing engineers, designers and researchers to bypass the roadblocks in their way and create something that’s extraordinary in its ties to the natural world.
 23-Mar-17 What Your Brain Is Doing When You Doodle, According to ScienceCircles and triangles. Funny faces. Flowers and bugs. Your standard anytime doodle images. According to psychologist Jackie Andrade from the University of Plymouth, those simple pictures on the sides of your office memos and meeting notes have a specific purpose for your brain you shouldn't ignore.
 22-Mar-17 Google Maps lets you record your parking location, time left at the meterGoogle Maps has just added a handy feature that will help users remember where they parked. This appears as a new menu option when you tap the blue dot, and will place a “P” icon on the map so you can find your way back to your spot. While remembering your parking location is something Apple Maps has done since the launch of iOS 10, Google’s implementation is a bit more robust.
 21-Mar-17 Meet The Man Whose Site Mark Zuckerberg Reads Every DayFor the last decade, Gabe Rivera has been quietly shaping the tech industry’s story for its top executives, investors, and journalists. But is the editor behind Silicon Valley’s Drudge Report ready to reckon with his influence?
 20-Mar-17 10 Canadian books to cheer you upBeat Blue Monday with these 10 Canadian titles - from laugh-out-loud true stories to life-affirming poetry and escapist adventure.
 17-Mar-17 10 Books To Read While You Procrastinate So It's Not Time Totally WastedProcrastination is an inevitable part of life, and when you're a busy person, it's easy to give into the urge to put your responsibilities off and do something completely unproductive. There are plenty of things you can do while you avoid your work. But reading is obviously one of the best choices. So whatever you're avoiding—whether it's a job responsibility, homework, or housework — try these A+ books on for size. Trust me, whatever that "super important" thing is can wait until you've finished the last page.
 16-Mar-17 How the invention of paper changed the worldThe Gutenberg printing press - invented in the 1440s by Johannes Gutenberg, a goldsmith from Mainz in Germany - is widely considered to be one of humanity's defining inventions.
 15-Mar-17 Tim Berners-Lee: I invented the web. Here are three things we need to change to save it28 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee submitted his original proposal for the worldwide web. He imagined the web as an open platform that would allow everyone, everywhere to share information, access opportunities, and collaborate across geographic and cultural boundaries. In many ways, the web has lived up to this vision, though it has been a recurring battle to keep it open. He has become increasingly worried about three new trends, which must be tackled in order for the web to fulfill its true potential as a tool that serves all of humanity.
 14-Mar-17 Professional Perspective: Be the solution employers needProfessional Perspective, a series from the Red Carpet Blog, is a place where industry professionals share their insights regarding various employment related topics. Wendy Ferris, Partner at inVision Edge, is answering today’s question: "Why is innovation a must-have for today’s new grads?"
 13-Mar-17 Google's new reCAPTCHA automatically tells you're not a botOver the years, Google has utilised a number of methods to distinguish between human and bots on the web. Its take on the CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) test, known as reCAPTCHA, has required you to transcribe distorted words, confirm Street View addresses or simply just tick a box. Soon, you won't need to do the hard work, because Google's making the system invisible.
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