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 27-Nov-15 9 Awe-Inspiring Bookstores Around the WorldTake a tour of some of the most beautiful bookstores in the world.
 25-Nov-15 See Old Library Books Come to Life in Kerry Mansfield’s Expired SeriesKerry Mansfield finds beauty in imperfection. In 2013, the San Francisco-based photographer created a series of images of worn library books entitled Expired, capturing the water damage, tears and hand-written scrawls that make each book unique.

Mansfield was inspired to start her project after spotting an old library checkout card inside a book she found at Goodwill, which made her nostalgic for the experience of libraries before books and card catalogues were digitized. She then spent more than two years collecting at least 160 former library books she found through nonprofits, eBay, libraries, garage sales and even individual submissions.
 24-Nov-15 York Region Public Schools Ban Free Books Over Corporate LogoSome 10,000 Grade 1 students in York Region may never find out what happened to Mr. Zinger’s hat. Mr. Zinger’s Hat is the picture book the TD (Toronto Dominion) Grade One Book Giveaway program is distributing this year to all Grade 1 students across the country — all but those enrolled in the Commission scolaire de Montréal, the Saanich School District in B.C., and the York Region District School Board (YRDSB.)
 20-Nov-15 The Zen of Adult Coloring BooksI have never changed my mind about anything as quickly or completely as I changed my mind about adult coloring books. I found the trend mostly baffling and maybe a little dumb. But I saw some in a bookstore the other day and I immediately said to my friend, “Well, I'm not leaving here without one of these.”

And indeed, reader, I did not.
 19-Nov-15 Book Lovers Are Obsessed With This WebsiteLast year, Random House quietly gave away Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code, for free for one week. Millions of readers were unaware of the week-long giveaway.
A select group of readers did take advantage of the promotion, though. They were using BookBub, a daily email that alerts readers to free and deeply discounted ebooks that are available for a limited time. BookBub notified nearly 1 million readers of the free Da Vinci Code deal last spring.
 18-Nov-15 The Happy Gospel Of Bob Ross And His 3,549 DisciplesBob Ross died two decades ago, but his legacy lives on through Twitch and thousands of Bob Ross-Certified protégés
 17-Nov-15 The Statistical Dominance of Dr. SeussNearly twenty-five years after his death, Dr. Seuss continues to dominate the world of children’s books to an astonishing degree.

Today, one in four children’s first book is one penned by Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss’s given name). The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, all published prior to 1970, remain among today’s bestselling children’s books. The Grinch might have stolen Christmas, but Geisel stole all our hearts.
 16-Nov-15 Ban Before ReadingFriends and family congratulated me, book sales bounced a little and a 10-year-old title was suddenly under discussion by people who had never read it. I had been awarded literary recognition of a peculiar kind, one that brought me no euphoria. Along with six other books opposed by conservative parents in a wealthy school district near Dallas, my book “The Working Poor: Invisible in America,” a nonideological portrayal of lives near the bottom, was suspended from the English curriculum at Highland Park High School, where it had been used in advanced placement classes.
 13-Nov-15 I don’t judge books by their covers, except cookbooksI appreciate good book design but don’t judge reads by their covers, generally – except with recipe books, because how they look is how they cook. And nothing captures the attitude and tone more than the cover. 
 12-Nov-15 National Film Board - My Indian NameMy Indian Name documents filmmaker Darryl Nepinak's journey as he receives his Indian name. This short film takes a look at how traditional culture continues to shape and influence our modern sense of self. Why does this important personal ceremony take place? What does it mean to get one's name? How do others, who have already received their names, now see themselves? How do others see them? Through intimate interviews with family, friends, and elders, Darryl considers these important questions and finds some revealing answers along the way.
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