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 17-Sep-14 Microsoft Builds A Mobile Keyboard For iOS, Android And WindowsThe device marks the continuance of the company’s cross-platform efforts, but in something of a new way: The keyboard is hardware, made for all, and is not a software iteration of an extant Microsoft product brought to a rival platform. That’s to say it is slightly different to build a keyboard that can pair with an iPad, than it is to bring Office to Android tablets, as the company is also doing.
 16-Sep-14 Hotel Chain Will Leave Envelopes In Rooms To Encourage Guests To Tip HousekeepersEveryone knows they’re expected to tip their cab driver and waiter. But few realize that they’re also expected to tip the people who clean their hotel rooms every day. That’s why Marriott says it’s launching its “The Envelope Please” campaign this week in partnership with A Woman’s Nation, a nonprofit founded by Maria Shriver, in some of its hotels.
 15-Sep-14 Everything you wanted to know about danglers but were too afraid to ask There's been a little kerfuffle lately over danglers. Steven Pinker, who is a noted linguist, said in an article in The Guardian that some dangling modifiers are OK to use — in fact, according to him, they're not even ungrammatical.
 12-Sep-14 Reading InsecuritySlate is an online magazine, which means you are almost certainly reading this on a screen. It is more likely to be morning than evening. You are perhaps at work, chasing a piece of information rather than seeking to immerse yourself in a contemplative experience.
 11-Sep-14 How Stephen King Teaches WritingStephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft has been a fixture in my English classroom for years, but it wasn’t until this summer, when I began teaching in a residential drug and alcohol rehab, that I discovered the full measure of its worth. For weeks, I struggled to engage my detoxing, frustrated, and reluctant teenage students. I trotted out all my best lessons and performed all my best tricks, but save for one rousing read-aloud of Poe’s “A Tell-Tale Heart,” I failed to engage their attention or imagination.
 10-Sep-14 Inside Higher Ed Academic Minute: PrecrastinationPeople cite procrastination as a major factor influencing productivity in a negative way.  In today's Academic Minute, Penn State University's David Rosenbaum a psychologist at Penn State University, has coined the term "precrastination," which creates its own issues.
 09-Sep-14 Tim Hortons Extra-Large A Ripoff? Here Are The Facts (VIDEO)Some coffee drinkers might see their cup as half full while others see it as half empty but if you're a regular drinker of Tim Hortons' extra large, you might have had reason to view your cup as a rip-off.
 08-Sep-14 SlideshareTop Tips From the Masters of PowerPoint
Most of us are somewhat proficient in PowerPoint. How do you take it to the next level? Meet two 16-year-olds who recently took the title of PowerPoint World Champions. They share their best tips and tricks for creating a slide deck.
 05-Sep-14 Cloud-hacking underscores risk of smartphone storageOn Sunday, hundreds of revealing photos of celebrities were stolen and shared around the world on the Internet. Apple, which is preparing to launch a new iPhone next week, says it was the result of targeted attacks on accounts storing personal data and not a direct breach of its systems. Regardless of how it happened, the hacking underscores the risks for all who use smartphones to store sensitive material, from photos to health-care records.
 04-Sep-14 CBC Radio devoting full day of programming to RRC studentsCBC Radio One (89.3 FM/990 AM) is preparing to broadcast live at not one, but three Red River College campuses on Thursday, Sept. 4! Marcy Markusa, host of Information Radio, Marilyn Maki, host of Radio Noon, and Ismaila Alfa, host of Up to Speed, will bring listeners live interviews and stories about how RRC students are making an impact on Manitoba’s workforce.

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