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 20-Jan-17 Ask a Librarian: What’s the Strangest Thing You’ve Found in a Library Book?Inspired by Claire Fuller’s Swimming Lessons, the staff at Tin House went to the experts in unexpected ephemera and well-loved books—librarians—and asked them to tell us the most interesting thing they’d found in a library book. Their answers delighted, disgusted, and exceeded our wildest expectations. It was hard to pick our favorites, but here they are.
 19-Jan-17 What you need to know about Donald Trump's inaugurationMaclean's FAQ series answers your questions about inauguration day, such as why it takes place on January 20 and what the security coverage for the event will be.
 18-Jan-17 Student Transforms College Rejection Letter Into Viral Work Of ArtThis student just transformed a negative into a positive in the most beautiful way. When Claudia Vulliamy found out that the prestigious Oxford University in England had turned her down for a place on its classics course Wednesday, she was understandably disappointed. But she didn’t get downhearted. Instead, the 18-year-old student at Camden School for Girls in London hacked up the letter of rejection and worked it into a painting.
 17-Jan-17 Our Senses Can’t Learn Under Stress“Previous research has already shown that stress can prevent the retrieval of memories. But now we have discovered that it also has a major effect on our perception and perceptual learning,” explains Dr Hubert Dinse, one of the authors of this study by neuroscientists of the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB).
 16-Jan-17 How flashing a peace sign can set you up for identity theftOne researcher claims that modern cameras are so powerful, he can swipe fingerprints from your selfies. So watch how you show off those digits.
 13-Jan-17 BEST PHOTOS OF 2016Here is a gallery of National Geographic's 52 best images of the year—curated from 91 photographers, 107 stories, and 2,290,225 photographs.
 12-Jan-17 Take This Perception Test to See How Visually Intelligent You AreWe're only seeing a fraction of the world around us. Amy Herman teaches the art of perception; if you're game to test your visual intelligence, take one of her perception challenges here.
 11-Jan-17 'World's oldest man' celebrates 146th birthday and says patience is key for long lifeMbah Gotho, whose ID states he was born in the year 1870, celebrated the landmark occasion with his grandchildren after reportedly outliving his siblings, wives and children.
 10-Jan-17 Procrastination? I'll get back to you...In these first days of the new year, millions of us will have embarked on a resolution for 2017. And maybe a good percentage will already have given up and decided that maybe the following year will be the time to finally write that bestselling novel. But why do we keep putting things off? Why is procrastination such a common problem? It's claimed as a particular difficulty for students and academics. Professor Tim Pychyl, a psychologist at Carleton University in Canada, is part of the Procrastination Research Group and calls it "the biggest problem in education today".
 09-Jan-17 Manipulated Video and Audio Will Make Future Fake News Even More BelievableNearly 1.2 billion people visit Facebook every day, and 65 percent of adults say they access news through social media. Studies show that false news stories are shared on Facebook at the same rate as true ones, making it increasingly difficult for the average citizen to separate fact from fiction. But just wait... it's about to get much worse.
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