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A list of the past entries in our "Link of the Day" feature:

 27-Mar-15 31 Quotes From Children’s Books That Will Inspire You At Any AgeBuzzFeed asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite lines from children’s books. Here are some of the most beautiful replies.
 26-Mar-15 21 Cool Internet Tricks to Revolutionize Your BrowsingThanks to a cool Reddit thread, Internet savvy users have come forward with their best tricks, tips and hacks to revolutionize your browsing experience and make everything that much more enjoyable. We have compiled 21 of the best responses from this Ask Reddit thread into a list below, for easy browsing and quick reference. Enjoy!
 25-Mar-15 Google Puts Online 10,000 Works of Street Art from Across the GlobeGoogle Street Art has doubled its online archive by adding some 5,000 images, bringing the tally to 10,000, with coordinates pinpointing exact locations on all five continents. A major aim of the project is virtual preservation. As with performance art, documentation is key. Not all of the work can be attributed, but click on an image to see what is known.
 24-Mar-15 Goodbye, math and history: Finland wants to abandon teaching subjects at schoolFinland already has one of the best school education systems. It always ranks near the top in mathematics, reading, and science in the prestigious PISA rankings (the 2012 list, pdf) by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Teachers in other countries flock to its schools to learn from a country that is routinely praised as just a really, really wonderful place to live. But the country is not resting on its laurels. Finland is considering its most radical overhaul of basic education yet—abandoning teaching by subject for teaching by phenomenon.
 23-Mar-15 Videos Find Their Place In and Out of the ClassroomAmong today’s students, videos as an educational tool are as expected as textbooks. A new study has found that 68 percent of students watch videos in class, and 79 percent watch them on their own time, outside of class, to assist in their learning.
 20-Mar-15 Canada Reads 2015What is the one book to break barriers? That's the question host Wab Kinew was asking for the 14th edition of CBC's battle of the books. Canada Reads 2015 is all about books that can change perspectives, challenge stereotypes and illuminate issues. The debates took place March 16-19. Here you can watch all of this year's episodes and see the voting breakdowns.
 19-Mar-15 The Anatomy of a New Yorker CartoonThe New Yorker receives around 1,000 cartoons each week; it only publishes about 17 of them. In this hilarious, fast-paced, and insightful talk, the magazine's longstanding cartoon editor and self-proclaimed "humor analyst" Bob Mankoff dissects the comedy within just some of the "idea drawings" featured in the magazine, explaining what works, what doesn't, and why.
 18-Mar-15 Children of warThe United Nations children’s agency reported this week that 14 million children in Syria and Iraq are in crisis due to war. The number of children needing aid has greatly increased from the previous year and there are fears that living with the severe violence will permanently scar the young generation. Here is a look at recent photos depicting the lives of children during this conflict.
 17-Mar-15 15 Computer Sounds That Will Take You Back to the '90sThose of us who were really hip in the '90s got online, usually via a dialup modem (or your college's awesome network...if you could afford a network card). There were distinct sounds associated with computers of that time that we don't think about today, but they're lodged deep in our memories. Let's go back to some computer sounds you probably haven't heard in decades....
 16-Mar-15 Silicon Valley Isn’t a Meritocracy. And It’s Dangerous to Hero-Worship EntrepreneursIn a cultural context where idealists have linked social media to democracy, egalitarianism, and participation, the tech scene in Silicon Valley considers itself to be exceptional. Supporters speak glowingly of a singularly meritocratic environment where innovative entrepreneurs disrupt fusty old industries and facilitate sweeping social change.
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