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 02-Oct-15 This book will grow into a treeFrom tree to book to tree again, Argentinian publisher Pequeño Editor has released a children's book that you can plant after you are done reading it.

It is part of a program called Tree Book Tree, which aims to educate kids about where books come from.

The books are created by using acid free paper, Jacaranda seeds, ecological ink, and are then hand stitched together.

Follow the link for a video allowing you to get a peek at how the books are made, including how the Jacaranda seeds are embedded in the pages.

 01-Oct-15 How methods videos are making science smarterThe New Yorker magazine shows the benefits of video education in the scientific community, featuring JoVE. The article describes how this innovative approach to learning is applied at Yale, Cornell and other universities, and how it saves resources for academic institutions by increasing productivity and reproducibility in scientific research and education:
 30-Sep-15 How helicopter parents hover over campusesAt college and university campuses, students embark on what is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of their lives. But recently, the talk about campus life has more to do with big mental health challenges.

Increased incidences of anxiety, depression, and suicide are among the issues at play for young people beginning their college careers.
 29-Sep-15 ANTHONY BOURDAIN MELTS A METEORITE TO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL BLADEWhen it comes to chef, author, and professional foodie Anthony Bourdain, you never know quite what to expect, but you can bet your lucky stars it will make you feel inferior in every way. His latest blasé dive into cool, titled Raw Craft With Anthony Bourdain, is a collaboration with the The Balvenie Distillery that aims to dig up some of he world’s best-kept craftsmen (and women). In the latest episode, he heads to a workshop in Olympia, Washington to meld two of our favorite things: food and space rocks.
 28-Sep-15 Open Access Publishing: What it is and how to sustain itIn the past 13 years, open access publishing—in which academic journal content is free for anyone to read online—has moved from a fringe populist movement into the mainstream. Immediate open access could someday become the default publishing model for articles in the biosciences, and perhaps for the humanities and social sciences as well. No one knows for certain if this will happen, much less how or when, but the subscription-based scholarly publishing system that matured prior to the internet appears unlikely to sustain itself indefinitely.
 25-Sep-15 What Searchable Speech Will Do To Youe are going to start recording and automatically transcribing most of what we say. Instead of evaporating into memory, words spoken aloud will calcify as text, into a Record that will be referenced, searched, and mined. It will happen by our standard combination of willing and allowing. It will happen because it can. It will happen sooner than we think.
But would all of this help or hurt us?
 24-Sep-15 Laptops in classrooms distracting students, teachers call for banThe idea that laptops can be distracting probably doesn't come as a shock. There is research to back up the idea that students who use laptops -- and even students who sit near students who use laptops -- are prone to distraction.

According to new research, laptops may be impeding learning even when they're being used purely for classroom tasks.
 23-Sep-15 Romanian city offers free rides to people reading on the busThose who can’t resist reading a good book on public transport have been rewarded by a city in Romania, which offered a free bus ride to anyone who read a book during their journey.

The initiative, which ran for a week in June, was proposed by Victor Miron, a book-lover and resident of Cluj-Napoca in north-western Romania.
 22-Sep-15 Five decades of Met Publications on art history available onlineMetPublications is a portal to the Met's comprehensive publishing program with 1,500 titles, including books, online publications, and Bulletins and Journals from the last five decades.
 21-Sep-15 3 Million Judgements of Books by their CoversJudgey, a browser-based game that gave users the opportunity to literally judge books by their covers.
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