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Table of Contents

  1. Evidence Based Practice Presentation References
    1. Alcohol as an antiseptic agent
    2. Artificial/gel nails and/or extenders
    3. Attitudes toward alcohol and drug addiction
    4. Bed rest
    5. Blood pressure measurement
    6. Client confidentiality
    7. Clostridium difficile
    8. CVAD cleaning solutions
    9. CVAD dressing techniques
    10. Enteral feeding tubes complications
    11. Enteral feeding tubes placement methods
    12. Gastrostomy (PEG) tube use
    13. Gastrostomy tube care
    14. Gloves (surgical and/or procedure)
    15. Hand washing techniques
    16. IM injections
    17. Influenza vaccines
    18. Intake and output measurement
    19. Intravenous catheters:
    20. Comparison of the use of peripheral IV's vs CVAD's in children
    21. Isolation techniques: psychological issues
    22. Isolation techniques: infection control issues
    23. IV Medication administration systems
    24. Latex allergies
    25. Masks (surgical and/or procedural)
    26. Medication administration systems
    27. Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
    28. Nasogastric tube placement checks
    29. Non- pharmacologic comfort care techniques
    30. Nursing uniforms: What do nurses wear?
    31. Nursing uniforms: contamination of uniforms
    32. Pain assessment
    33. Pandemic planning
    34. Patient's responses to the hospital environment
    35. Pharmacologic pain control methods
    36. Respiratory medication administration
    37. Restraints
    38. Shift work
    39. Sleep disruptions in patients
    40. Staffing issues
    41. Stethoscope covers
    42. Thermometer usage
    43. Tracheostomy suctioning
    44. Tuberculosis isolation
    45. Visitor restrictions
    46. Vital signs: routine monitoring
    47. Wound care solutions
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Hand washing techniques

Potential issues to examine:

1. What solution or product works best?

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