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27-Jun-17 Scurrilous
Adjective  [skur-uh-luh s, skuhr-]

containing obscenities, abuse, or slander


Hannah decided to take a walk after reading scurrilous email before writing a reply.
Credit: Merriam Webster
26-Jun-17 Impromptu
Noun [im-promp-too, -tyoo]

1  something that is impromptu
2  a musical composition suggesting improvisation

Three buskers came together to put on an impromptu concert, much to the delight of the audience used to seeing them separately.

Credit: Merriam Webster
23-Jun-17 recalcitrant
Adjective [ri-kal-si-truh nt]

1. obstinately defiant of authority or restraint

2. a :  difficult to manage or operate
    b :  not responsive to treatment

Meredith put on her headphones and cranked up her music to drown out the complaining from her recalcitrant co-workers.
Credit: Merriam Webster
22-Jun-17 Canny
Adjective [kan-ee]

:  clever, shrewd


Hannah hatched a canny plan to expose Wexford's treatment of his employees.
Credit: Merriam Webster
21-Jun-17 Aquiline
Adjective [ak-wuh-lahyn, -lin]

1. Curving like an eagle's beak an aquiline nose
2. Of, relating to, or resembling an eagle


Wexford surveyed ran his company not with an iron fist but with an aquiline presence.
Credit: Merriam Webster
20-Jun-17 Callous
Adjective [kal-uh s]
1. a :  being hardened and thickened
    b :  having calluses callous hands

2. a :  feeling no emotion
    b :  feeling or showing no sympathy for others

I stopped reading comments on websites after reading one callous comment after another.
Credit: Merriam Webster
19-Jun-17 Engender
Verb [en-jen-der]

1  Beget, procreate
2  To cause to exist or to develop : produce
3  To assume form : originate


"Reducing funding will engender a loss of staff and that will impact service," said Carter.
Credit: Merriam Webster
16-Jun-17 Shyster
Noun [shahy-ster]

1. A person who is professionally unscrupulous especially in the practice of law or politics


Well, what has the shyster tweeted this time?
Credit: Merriam Webster
15-Jun-17 Compunction
Noun [kuh m-puhngk-shuh n]

1. A twinge of misgiving.
2. Anxiety arising from awareness of guilt.
3. Distress of mind over an anticipated action or result


The whistleblower released the documents to the investigative reporter without compunction.

Credit: Merriam Webster
14-Jun-17 Humblebrag
verb, transitive + intransitive [huhm-buh l-brag]

1. To make a seemingly modest, self-critical, or casual statement or reference that is meant to draw attention to one's admirable or impressive qualities or achievements.


It's a right of passage for any first-year Red River student to humblebrag about the amount of assignments due during a week.
Credit: Merriam Webster
13-Jun-17 Salacious
Adjective [suh-ley-shuh s]

1. Arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination


The Outlander books prove you can have a well-researched setting and yet salacious chapters to pass those hot, summer afternoons.
Credit: Merriam Webster
12-Jun-17 élan
Noun [ey-lahn, ey-lan; French ey-lahn]

vigorous spirit or enthusiasm


On the last day of work before vacation, Chelsea did her tasks with elan.
Credit: Merriam Webster
09-Jun-17 Sacrosanct
Adjective [sak-roh-sangkt]

1. Most sacred or holy
2.  Treated as if holy :  immune from criticism or violation


Weeding the library collection means no book or resource gets considered sacrosanct.
Credit: Merriam Webster
08-Jun-17 Conundrum
Noun [kuh-nuhn-druh m]

1. An intricate and difficult problem.
2. A riddle whose answer is or involves a pun.


It's a conundrum to write good example sentences that can fit on a whiteboard and yet display on the library website.
Credit: Merriam Webster
07-Jun-17 Finagle
Transitive Verb [fi-ney-guh l]

1. To obtain by indirect or involved means
2. To obtain by trickery


The Bachelor begins with 25 women trying to finagle one of 12 roses from the suitor.  Each rose ceremony eliminates the competition until one is chosen with the final rose. Is there love?
Who knows.

Credit: Merriam Webster
06-Jun-17 Valedictorian
noun [val-e-dic-to-ri-an]

the student who has the highest grades in a graduating class and who gives a speech at graduation ceremonies


Red River can never pick a validictorian, too many good students, instead we pick four winners of Lieutenant Governor’s Medals For Proficiency. In addition to academics, involvement in College and/or community activities and good character factor into selections.
Credit: Merriam Webster
05-Jun-17 Intersectionality
Noun [in-ter-sek-shuh-nal-i-tee]

- the complex, cumulative way in which the effects of multiple forms of discrimination (such as racism, sexism, and classism) combine, overlap, or intersect especially in the experiences of marginalized individuals or groups.


Yes, women get paid less and intersectionality shows the degrees of less pay within one group.
Credit: Merriam Webster
02-Jun-17 Nugacity
Noun [noo-gas-i-tee, nyoo-]

1. Something frivolous or trivial.
2.  Triviality


"We have a choice, Mr. Wexford, of serving our customers with integrity, or get hung up on your latest nugacity," said Carter.
Credit: Merriam Webster
01-Jun-17 piebald
Adjective [pahy-bawld]

1.  composed of incongruous parts.

2. of different colors; especially :  spotted or blotched with black and white.


Hannah nuzzled her piebald cat with the feline replying with an approving purr.

Credit: Merriam Webster
31-May-17 Faustian
Adjective [fou-stee-uh n]

-of, relating to, resembling, or suggesting Faust; especially :  made or done for present gain without regard for future cost or consequences


"Wexford came back with a counter offer," said Carter to his co-workers "We can take a 5% pay cut or he can cut 55% of the company staff."
"Sounds like a Faustian offer to me," replied Hannah.
Credit: Merriam Webster
30-May-17 Banal
Adjective [buh-nal, -nahl, beyn-l]

- lacking originality, freshness, or novelty


Carter wanted to roll his eyes at the banal input put forward by his coworkers during the meeting. No wonder we're losing clients, he thought.
Credit: Merriam Webster
29-May-17 Malinger
Intransitive Verb [muh-ling-ger]

-to pretend or exaggerate incapacity or illness (as to avoid duty or work)


Mr. Wexford studied the attendance reports to find a pattern for a suspected malinger amongst his staff.
Credit: Merriam Webster
26-May-17 Fulminate
intransitive verb [fuhl-muh-neyt]

to send forth censures or invectives


During the protest, many students took to the podium to fulminate against the propsed tuition hikes.
Credit: Merriam Webster
25-May-17 Quibble
Intransitive verb [kwib-uh l]

-To evade the point of an argument by caviling about words


"Are we going to quibble about what other duties as assigned means, or are we just going to do them?" Asked Mr. Wexford to his staff.
Credit: Merriam Webster
24-May-17 Affable
adjective [af-uh-buh l]

1. Being pleasant and at ease in talking to others an affable host.

2. Characterized by ease and friendliness.


Despite the chaos at work, Desi maintained her affable manner.
Credit: Merriam
23-May-17 Bona Fide
Adjective [bo-na fide]

-made in good faith without fraud or deceit


The Victoria Day long weekend is the first bona fide long weekend of the summer.
Credit: Merriam Webster
19-May-17 Annus Mirabilis
Noun [ an-nus mi-ra-bi-lis]

-a remarkable or notable year


Political history will record 2017 as an annus mirabilis.
Credit: Merriam Webster
18-May-17 Noctambulist
Noun [noct-am-bu-list]

-a person who walks while asleep


My husband is a noctambulist. The last time he walked in his sleep he managed to make it down our gravel driveway and stopped in the middle of the highway.
17-May-17 Flocculent
Adjective [floc-cu-lent]

resembling wool especially in loose fluffy organization


I just can't do a thing with this flocculent hair today.
16-May-17 Entomology
Noun [en-to-mol-o-gy]

-a branch of zoology that deals with insects


Between ticks and mosquitos, everyone in Winnipeg learns a little entomology to combat the little critters.
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