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ASC: Online Academic Supports


About our Online Academic Supports



In response to COVID-19, Academic Success Centre (ASC) has developed alternative online delivery models for all our academic supports.




Help Desk

Students can now book 30-minute appointments with Staff Tutors online using TutorTrac. For instructions on how to book an appointment online, visit our TutorTrac - Booking Online Tutoring Appointments help page.

To view the ASC's available Help Desks and a list of Staff Tutors and their program specialties, please visit our Help Desk page. 


Weekly Reviews

The ASC currently offers weekly online review workshops for the following courses:

  • Accounting Fundamentals (ACCT-1071)
  • Business Mathematics (MATH-1078)
  • Business Finance (FNCE-3002)
  • Intermediate Accounting 1 (ACCT-3000)
  • Statistical Analysis (MATH-3001)

To view the current workshop schedule, visit the Weekly Review page. Workshop recordings, workshop notes, and course worksheets can be accessed in the ASC: STEM Centre.


Individual and Group Tutoring

Staff tutors work with students in groups by appointment. Meeting with a staff tutor individually is a possibility; however, our staff tutors typically work with students in a group setting.

To request a tutor, please complete the online Tutoring and Coaching Request Form.


Peer Tutoring

All Red River College students can access up to 1 hour of individual tutoring or up to 2 hours of group tutoring per week, when a qualified peer tutor is available.

To request a peer tutor for individual or group tutoring, please complete the Peer Tutor Request Form.

Are you interested in becoming a peer tutor? Please complete the Peer Tutor Application Form to apply.


Academic Coaching

Coaches work individually with students to set and accomplish academic goals by employing research-backed study and motivational strategies.

To connect with an Academic Coach, please complete the Tutoring and Coaching Request Form.


EAL Supports

Is English your second or additional language? EAL tutors can help you succeed in your program.

To request an EAL tutor, please complete the Tutoring and Coaching Request Form.


Writing Supports

Writing tutoring helps students improve their clarity, conciseness, organization, and confidence in writing! We can help students at any point in the writing process including the planning stage, draft writing, revisions, referencing, and formatting. We can also support students who are simply looking to improve their writing skills by offering tutoring, tip sheets, and additional online resources.

To request a Writing tutor, please complete the Tutoring and Coaching Request Form.


Technology Literacy

The ASC offers the following services to support students’ technology literacy and skill development in the online environment.

Visit the Technology Literacy for available supports.


Study Skills Training

We have two methods of meeting study skills training needs. One through live WebEX study skills workshops on the following topics: Active Learning Strategies to Enhance Student Success; Time Management in an Online World, Habits of Success Students; Writing for College; and Active Listening and Effective Note-Taking. The other method is through individual Academic Coaching in which students can meet with their own study strategists. 

If you are an instructor and would like to book a workshop, please complete the online Request a Workshop Form.


Diversity Training

We are offering Diversity Training Workshops via WebEx, at the request of instructors for their classes. These workshops are recorded so they are available to the students to review later, as needed. This new online delivery model includes providing Pre-Workshop Guidebooks for the students, and Post-Workshop Learning Activities for the instructors with ideas on how to continue the learning journey with their students. In addition, instructors can also request to enroll their students in the Diversity Awareness Courses via LEARN.

If you are an instructor and would like to book a workshop, please complete the online Request a Workshop Form.


Online Resources

We continue to offer helpful online resources to support students' learning, including the Student Success Skills (strategies for reading, writing, time management, study skills, test taking), the Student Blog (strategies for anxiety, dealing with emotions, mindfulness), and the STEM Centre (worksheets and videos for different courses and subjects).

You can also check out the Library Guide for Students Working from Home with resources to help you to make the transition to working/studying from home.


Contact Information

If you cannot find information about some ASC supports, please contact:

Chris Harder, Tutoring Supervisor
Contact Chris for tutoring, weekly review workshops, and help desks for NDC campus programs.

Dayna Graham, Adult Learning Facilitator
Contact Dayna for academic coaching at any campus, and for tutoring, weekly review workshops, and help desk support for courses at the EDC campus.

Kaleigh Quinn, EAL Specialist
Contact Kaleigh for English as an additional language (EAL) tutoring and workshops, and writing and communication help desks.