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ASC: STEM Centre

eTV Workshops

The Academic Success Centre and eTV Learning Technologies have teamed up to present easily accessible review workshops for students in regional campuses and for those in Winnipeg who cannot attend campus-based workshops.

The main catalog page is located in the site and can be accessed with the following log in info:

Username: tutoring

Password: math2055

After logging into the site, you can access the live streams and all the current recorded content:

  • Business Math - 2018 Sept. - Dec.
  • Financial Acct. 1 - 2018 Sept. - Dec.
  • Financial Acct. 2 - 2019 Jan. - Apr.
  • Statistics - 2019 Jan. - Apr.

Please note, these videos are in reverse order, i.e. the newer videos are the beginning and the older videos are at the end. So, do a sort by date of old to new.

Please note these workshops are designed to serve students who are attending class regularly. The reviews are not meant to introduce material, but to provide practice and review. These workshops cannot replace instruction found in regular classes. If there are any discrepancies between the content delivered in these workshops and what your instructor has delivered in class, always follow the direction of your instructors.