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Referring Students to Supports

A student wants additional resources to work on between tutoring sessions. What should I do?

Share the many online resources available through the ASC website and encourage the student to use the webpages to develop their skills.

I tutor a student for one kind of tutoring but they would also benefit from additional ASC supports. What should I do?

Encourage the student to book additional tutoring appointments in other ASC centres by visiting the ASC tutoring webpage or by visiting the academic coaching webpage.

A student has immigration and permit questions. What should I do?

The Center for International Education and Global Partnerships (CIEGP) provides a number of immigration resources for students. For immigration related questions, students can:

A student wants help with employment skills such as resumes, cover letters, or interview skills. What should I do?

Encourage the student to sign up for a one-on-one sessions with a Student Employment Services (SES) advisor by sharing the link to the SES website and explaining how to request a session. Click on this link to access the SES website.

Throughout the year, SES offers college-wide supports such as the Employment Readiness Conference in May and the Get Job Search Ready workshops series. Be sure to share these supports with students so they can register and attend.

After students have accessed SES supports, ASC staff can provide feedback and support on the language that students use in their resume and cover letters.

A student is struggling emotionally. They are experiencing anxiety and/or depression. What should I do?

Be an active listener and support the student as they share their struggles. Encourage the student to reach out to RRC Polytech counselling by sharing the website with them and explaining how to request a meeting with a counsellor. Tell the student that RRC Polytech counselling is free and confidential. Click here to access the RRC Polytech counselling web page.

If you determine that the student needs help with academic skills to help mitigate their challenges, encourage them to sign up for academic coaching in order to develop improved study skills. Click here to access the Academic Coaching webpage.

How can I support a student with a disability?

Students with disabilities have additional funding provided through the Canada Study Grant (CSG). For more information on how students can access these grants click here. For more information about how to support a student with a disability, contact your supervisor.

A student has asked me to fill out a “Tutoring Receipt” form. What should I do? 

When tutoring services are provided through the ASC, this form is NOT REQUIRED. In lieu of this form, Canada Study Grant (CSG) recipients need to submit their monthly tutoring invoices, along with the accompanying paid receipts, to Canada Student Aid at the end of their study period. The "Tutoring Receipt" form is sent to students when they receive their Canada Study Grant award. This form is for students to track and verify their expenditures on private tutoring services that the student sources on their own. 

Students will be mailed invoices for tutoring services on a monthly basis. Students can also download copies of their tutoring invoices on HUB under the "Payments and Profile" section of the site. For more information on how students can access these grants click here.

A student is having technical problems with their computer equipment. What should I do?

You can refer students to the many supports at RRC Polytech in order to help them manage their online difficulties. Here are a list of RRC Polytech supports:

The ASC also provides students with technology literacy supports. You can direct students to these resources to help them with their technology needs.

A student needs to request an enrollment letter to add to their immigration paperwork. What should I do?

Students can request an enrollment letter by contacting Student Records and Forms. Click on this link to learn more.

A student needs to get their student card. What should I do?

Students can request a student card by contacting Student services. Click on this link to learn more.