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How do students connect with their tutor online?

After the appointment has been created, TracCloud sends an automated email to the tutor and student with the day, time and location. If an online appointment, students will receive instructions on how to connect with their tutor online in the confirmation email. 

Online tutoring appointments scheduled in TracCloud are hosted in WebEx only. Online tutoring through MS Teams is available to students, however the tutor will need to schedule and invite the student to the Teams meeting; students cannot join a tutoring appointment in Teams through TracCloud.

Note: If a student has not arrived to their appointment after 5-minutes, please email the meeting link to your tutee as they may be having difficulty joining the online session.

My student missed their tutoring session. How do I mark their visit as missed in TracCloud?

For information about changing the status of a student's visit to 'missed' and logging students' tutoring time, Click on this link to learn more about 'Logging Students' Time'

I met with my student, now how do I create a visit in TracCloud?


If you did not previously create a TracCloud appointment, you must create a Quick Visit to log the student time. Click on this link to learn about Quick visits.


If a TracCloud appointment exists for this session, you must make sure it's marked as attended. For more information about logging individual tutoring time by creating 'Quick Visits' in TracCloud, click this link to learn more "Logging Students' Time".

Group Sessions

For more information about logging workshops and group sessions by creating 'Batch Visits' in TracCloud, click this link to learn about "Logging Students' Time for Group Sessions and Review Workshops".

How do I log my Staff Attendance in TracCloud to show how many hours I have worked each day?

Tutoring staff must log their work hours in TracCloud. Click on this link to learn about "Logging Your Staff Attendance" to learn more about logging staff hours.

How do I show my availability in TracCloud?

In order to show when you are available to meet with students, you can add availability to your TracCloud schedule. These availabilities can be added at the beginning of the term and extended for the entire term. This will enable your tutor supervisor to easily schedule student meetings when you are working and allow you to manage your work time. Click on this link and scroll to "Adding Availability to Your TracCloud Schedule" to learn more about TracCloud availabilities.