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Accessibility During Meetings

WebEx has additional supports to increase accessibility during online meetings. Transcription, captioning, and recording are all ways to increase the accessibility of your meeting.

Transcripts are a text version of what was said during the meeting. They can make meetings more accessible for people with and without disabilities. Transcripts can help meeting participants:

  • Review meeting content during or after the meeting.
  • Follow along as an EAL speaker.
  • Watch the meeting with the sound turned off; for example, when watching in a public place.
  • Scroll back through the meeting content without disrupting the flow of the meeting.
  • Understand complex or technical terms.

Captions are another helpful tool to make meetings more accessible. Captions are similar to transcripts but are synchronized with the actions on the screen. Captions show up in the meeting window while people speak and are recorded in the meeting recording. Captions are different from a transcript because a transcript can be accessed as a separate text document.

Meeting recordings are useful because attendees can review the recording after the meeting is finished to confirm details of what was discussed. Note: The text in the chat is not captured in the meeting recording.

When meeting with a student, ask if they would like to turn on any of the above accessibility options in order to improve their meeting experience. 

Information adapted from: Geiger, E., (2021, July 27). Why caption your virtual meetings?  UW-Madison Information Technology. opens in new window

WebEx Transcription

In order to initiate transcription during a WebEx meeting, you need to turn on WebEx Assistant. Note: You must submit a Case Log in order to have WebEx Assistant added to your WebEx account.

After WebEx Assistant has been added to your account, you can ensure it is active during your meeting by doing the following:

  1. Log into the WebEx web app
  2. Click on "Preferences" and "Scheduling".
  3. Select "Automatically turn on the WebEx Assistant whenever I start a meeting".
  4. Click "Save."

Once inside the WebEx meeting, the WebEx Assistant is identified as the blue and purple icon in the bottom left corner. Leave the WebEx Assistant on so that students can benefit from the closed captioning. If they prefer, students can turn off their personal closed captioning by clicking on the chat bubble with the 'cc' (yellow bubble). The transcript will show up on the right side of the meeting window.

WebEx Captions

Accessing the WebEx Transcript

After you close the WebEx meeting, you can access the transcript by navigating to the WebEx web app and clicking on "Meetings" and "Completed". You can view the meeting transcript or recording by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

WebEx Accessing transcript

After the meeting, when viewing the transcript in the web app, you can send the transcript by email by click on the triangle (blue circle) and typing a staff or student's RRC Polytech email address. You can also download the text file (purple circle) and upload the file to an email.

WebEx transcript

WebEx Meeting Recording

The meeting host can start the recording in a WebEx meeting by clicking on the recording icon (red circle).

WebEx record button

After the meeting is over, WebEx recordings can be retrieved from the WebEx web app by clicking on "Recordings". Click on the desired recording and it will open and play in a new browser window. To share a recording with someone else, click the triangle (blue circle) and type a staff or student's RRC Polytech email address. You can also copy the meeting link and password (orange circle) and share this via email or paste it in a LEARN shell.

WebEx Recording Link

WebEx Recording link