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Common Tech Problems

When helping a struggling student, sometimes we need to use our detective skills to find out what is causing the problem.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is an important skill for students in an online environment. It allows them to share a document that they are working on so that they can receive feedback. Sometimes students have trouble screen sharing. Here are a number of ways to help students if they are struggling to share their screen.

Using a Cell Phone

If a student is having trouble sharing their screen, they can join the meeting with their laptop and their cell phone. They can point the cell phone at their laptop so that you can see what they see. With this view, you can direct the student to help them share their screen.

Managing Apple Computer Settings to Allow Sharing

Students who own Apple computers may have to change some settings in order to share their screen using MS Teams. This article explains what settings to change in order to allow screen sharing.

Sharing Multiple Programs

Sometimes students struggle when trying to share multiple programs at the same time. If the student has shared one program, when they open a second program, WebEx will not share the second program and meeting participants will not be able to see it.

  • In order to remedy this problem, ask the student to share their desktop so that all programs can be seen.
  • Ask the student to stop sharing and share again by selecting the desired program.

Sharing Audio from a Video

If students want to share a video they must select the correct audio settings so the other meeting participants can hear the video properly.

In a WebEx meeting, select 'Optimize for motion and video' to share video sound.

WebEx Share Audio


Often, when a student shares their screen they have trouble finding the chat. Help students find the chat when screen sharing by providing the following information:

WebEx Chat when Screen Sharing

Hover your mouse over the orange bar at the top of the screen, when it descends, click the three dots and then click 'Chat'. This will open the chat in a new window.

WebEx Share screen chatting