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Online Tutoring Resources

MS Office 365 for Document Co-editing

Microsoft products allow for multiple people to write in a document at the same time. This is called document co-editing. If the Microsoft product is open in a browser window, the document owner can send the share link to invite multiple users to visit the document.  Document co-editing is a great tool for tutoring because the tutor and tutee can work on the document at the same time and see each other's changes in real time. Documents can be co-edited by typing into the document, adding comment bubbles, or by using track changes. 

Sharing a Document using One Drive

When an MS document is located in OneDrive, the owner can send the share link to another user so that they can access the document. When multiple people are co-editing a document, their avatars appear at the top of the MS Word window. Each person's cursor shows up as a different colour so that it is obvious what is being edited by each person.

OneDrive can be accessed by clicking on Office 365 in Hub, clicking on the box of dots in the top left corner, and clicking on the cloud icon (purple circle).

Office 365 Onedrive

A document can be stored in OneDrive by uploading a document (yellow circle) from your computer's hard drive or by clicking "New" to create a new document. Word, Excel, and  PowerPoint can all be co-edited by multiple users.

Onedrive Upload

After you have opened a document from OneDrive, you can share the document by sharing the "Share" link. Click "Share", "Copy link", and "Copy" to copy the link. Paste the link in an email, meeting chat box, or LEARN shell page to share the link with others.MS Word share and copy

MS Word link copied

Adding Comment Bubbles

When co-editing a document, you can add comment bubbles to suggest changes to the document. This is a good feature to use during tutoring because it allows the tutor to provide additional information to help the student without actually making direct changes to their document. This will encourage the student to improve their document on their own and will foster independence.

To add a comment bubble, highlight a certain word or place the curser in a certain spot in the document and then click "Review" (pink circle) and "New Comment" (purple circle). Type your comment in the comment bubble that appears on the right side of the window and click the airplane icon to save the comment.

MS Word comment bubbles

Track Changes

When co-editing a document, track changes are a great way to edit details while still retaining the original information. Turn on track changes by clicking on "Review", selecting "Track Changes:", and then selecting "For Everyone" (blue circle).

MS Word track changes

When track changes are initiated and edits are made, the deleted text is crossed out while the new next shows up in a different colour. Later, the document owner can accept or reject the track changes as they continue to edit the document.

MS Word track changes