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Online Tutoring Resources

WebEx vs. MS Teams

At RRC Polytech, staff and students can run online meetings through WebEx and MS Teams; however, if you are setting up a tutoring session through TracCloud, you will be required to use your WebEx personal room. Here is a table that compares the two programs.

Major differences between WebEx and MS Teams. 

Detail WebEx MS Teams
Meeting Links

Can be created in Outlook and WebEx web app.

Can be created in Outlook and MS Teams calendar.


Deleted when meeting ends.

Remains in the chat feed.

Pasting images in the chat No



Shared by individuals.

Deleted after the meeting ends.

Can be uploaded to the chat and coedited.

Remains after the meeting ends.

Screen sharing

Documents, desktop, and video (sound) can be shared.

Documents, desktop, and video (sound) can be shared.

Annotation Can annotate on top of a document.

No annotation.


Deleted when meeting ends.

Not integrated

Remains after meeting ends.

Integrated with MS Whiteboard app.

Personal Room Yes No