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TracCloud Instructional Resources

Logging Your Staff Attendance

Use the ASC Staff Attendance feature in TracCloud to log in the hours you worked in a particular day. Staff are required to log all of their work time either by logging in using the clock feature or by creating quick visits for each working day. Watch this video to learn about:

  1. Using the clock to log in and out each day 
  2. Creating Quick Visits to log staff work time that happened in the past
  3. Adding notes to the Quick Visit
  4. Using the Save and New feature to create mulitple Quick Visits
  5. Checking the timeline to see past visits

Logging Students' Time

After meeting with students, it is important to make sure that the time you spent with them is accurately captured in TracCloud. When an individual or Help Desk session is created through TracCloud the student will receive an automated email with instructions on how to join their session through TracCloud. If the student attends the session through TracCloud, TracCloud will automatically mark the student as attended. If the student joins the session in a different way (ex. you provide the link via email), you will have to manually mark the session as attended through TracCloud. The tutor is responsible for checking TracCloud to see if the appointment status is correctly marked. If the status of the appointment is not updated, TracCloud will assume the student did not attend and send an automated message to the student after 24 hours. Watch this video to learn about:

  • Checking the status to see if an appointment has been marked as attended
  • Marking an appointment with the correct status
  • Using the existing visit to record the appointment between the tutor and student
  • Understanding the different statuses that an appointment can have

Note: Student attendance must be updated by 11am the evening of the tutoring session or students will receive an automated email asking them why they missed their appointment.

Logging Students' Time as a Quick Visit

When you meet with a student but have not created a student appointment in your TracCloud schedule, you'll need to record the student visit as a Quick Visit. Watch this video to learn more about:

  • Clicking on Attendance and selecting Quick Visit.
  • Entering the student number to select the correct student.
  • Indicating the correct centre and reason.
  • Selecting the course code if applicable.
  • Adding specific information about the visit in the notes.
  • Indicating the location, date, and time of the session.

Logging Students' Time for Group Sessions and Review Workshops

If you have two or more students attending a session then this is a group session or review workshop. Group sessions, Review Workshops, and Exam Reviews all follow the same process; the only difference is the ‘reason’ selected within TracCloud. The number of students who attended each session needs to be accurately recorded in TracCloud in order to keep track of the number of students who receive ASC supports. Watch the following video to learn about:

  1. Using the attendance in the WebEx Usage Report to collect student attendance and session day and time
  2. Creating a Batch Visit to capture student attendance for the group session or review workshop
  3. Indicating the day, time, and workshop type for the session
  4. Using SI Batch Entry to select students from the course who attended the workshop
  5. Using Batch Scan to use student email addresses to track workshop attendance