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AV Services

Audio Visual Services at RRC Library

NOTE: AV Event Services is now part of the Centre for Learning & Program Excellence.

College-related Events

They provide limited audio visual support for college-related events, such as conferences, workshops and seminars, hosted at the spaces below. Support includes loan of selected audiovisual equipment, consultation and referrals, and to a lesser extent, technical support.

Notre Dame Campus (NDC)                 

Exchange District Campus (EDC)

Other College Locations
or Outdoors at EDC or NDC

  • South Gym
  • North Gym
  • Prairie Lights
  • Voyager Cafeteria
  • STTC Atrium
  • Atrium
  • Cafeteria
  • Multi-Purpose Room (P107)

Technical support not provided by AV Services.

Technical support not provided by AV Services.


Events in The Cave (NDC):
Technical support provided by the RRC Students' Association.

For events in other spaces, such as classrooms and boardrooms, AV Event Services has portable podiums and podiums equipped with microphone and speaker that can be scheduled for pickup and return by college staff.

AV supports for College events held at non-college facilities, such as hotels, conference centres, etc., is limited to consultation and loan of equipment. (College staff must make their own arrangements for pickup and delivery, set-up, operation and return.)

Non-College Related Events

AV equipment and technical support may also be available for outside organizations, groups, and individuals using College facilities.

Fees will be charged for the use of College equipment and for technical assistance. Costs vary depending on the services provided. Estimates can be provided at your request. Click here for Equipment and Services Rental Fees.

Booking Facilities

To reserve College rooms, theatres, etc., contact the following:

  • Red River College Facilities (NDC)
  • Campus Services Coordinator (Roblin Campus - EDC)
  • Events Coordinator (Patterson Global Foods Institute - EDC)

Additional Time Required

Remember to allow additional time for technical staff to set up and take down. The following is a general guideline:

Simple Audio System
(1 or 2 microphones)

Complicated set-ups

Major Events

At least 30 minutes before public enter the room and 30 minutes following the event. At least two hours before public enter and one hour following the event. A full day in advance may be required for setup and testing. During this time the facility may not be used by others.

Contact AV Services

A minimum of 5 working days advance notice is required to schedule AV Event Supports through AV Event Services.


Confirmation is required. If you have not received a confirmation of approval by the next business day, please contact us. Do not assume that if a request has been received it has been approved.

AV Event Services
Red River College, Centre for Learning & Program Excellence
DM07 – 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0J9
Phone (messages): (204) 632-2107

Request AV Support: Special Events AV Support Request Form.