Collection Development Contacts

To discuss library acquisitions or to request help in locating materials for purchase in a particular subject, please phone or email the appropriate RRC Library collection development staff person listed below.

You may also use this form to suggest items for purchase.

Subject Contact Phone  
Accounting Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
Advertising Fatima DeMelo 204-632-2470
Anatomy & Physiology John Mark Allen 204-632-2390
Animal Husbandry Rosemary Woodby  
Architecture Rosemary Woodby  
Automotive Sarah Stettinger 204-632-3761
Aviation Sarah Stettinger 204-632-3761
Biology John Mark Allen 204-632-2390
Biotechnology John Mark Allen 204-632-2390
Business Administration Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
Carpentry Erin Edwards 204-632-2060
Chemistry Erin Edwards 204-632-2060
Children & Youth Joan Boersma 204-632-2571
Children's Literature Joan Boersma 204-632-2571
Community Development Joan Boersma 204-632-2571
Community Education Joan Boersma 204-632-2571
Construction Management Erin Edwards 204-632-2060
Culinary Arts Rosemary Woodby  
Deaf Studies Charlene Tweed 204-632-2389
Dentistry John Mark Allen 204-632-2390
Disability Joan Boersma 204-632-2571
Disease John Mark Allen 204-632-2390
Economics & Finance Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
Education Fatima DeMelo 204-632-2470
Electrical Rosemary Woodby  
Electronics Rosemary Woodby  
Engineering Sarah Stettinger 204-632-3761
English as an Additional Language Fatima DeMelo 204-632-2470
Environmental Lynn Gibson 204-632-2301
Fine Arts Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
General Lynn Gibson 204-632-2301
Geography Lynn Gibson 204-632-2301
GIS Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
Green Space/Horticulture Lynn Gibson 204-632-2301
History Lynn Gibson 204-632-2301
Indigenous Studies Joan Boersma 204-632-2571
Information Technology Rosemary Woodby  
Instrumentation Rosemary Woodby  
Journalism Fatima DeMelo 204-632-2470
Library Information Studies Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
Literature Joan Boersma 204-632-2571
Material Handling/Product Design Sarah Stettinger 204-632-3761
Mathematics Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
Media Fatima DeMelo 204-632-2470
Medical Lab/Radiology John Mark Allen 204-632-2390
Medicine General John Mark Allen 204-632-2390
Nursing Rosemary Woodby  
Physics Sarah Stettinger 204-632-3761
Piping Trades Erin Edwards 204-632-2060
Psychology Fatima DeMelo 204-632-2470
Public Relations Fatima DeMelo 204-632-2470
Publishing Lynn Gibson 204-632-2301
Robotics Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
Sociology Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
Technical Communications Lynn Gibson 204-632-2301
Tourism Lynn Gibson 204-632-2301
Visual Arts Melanie Godin 204-949-8371
Welding Fatima DeMelo 204-632-2470