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Deaf Studies Streaming Video Collection

Online videos suitable for the Deaf Studies program.

Digitizaton Project

Streaming Collections: The Origins

Several titles in these streaming collections were requested by instructors to be digitized and used as part of their teaching curriculum at the College. In addition to these titles, the Library purchases new streaming titles on a regular basis.

Requests for digitization are considered on a case-by-case basis and are intended for instructional purposes only. If you have a request, please contact AV Services and we will take it up for consideration.

Digitization Project (2012 - current)

In 2012, RRC Library, AV Services, began the massive project of converting all videos on VHS tapes to streaming video. Digitizing preserves relevant course content and enhances access for those who are off-campus. This involves the complete digitization of core materials and possibly purchasing new streaming versions.

The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Collection was one of the first complete collections slated for digitization. At the time, the program was moving over to the Exchange District Campus, and AV Services made an intensive effort to have the collection ready in time for the opening. The Health Care Aide Collection was another program-specific collection to be transferred to digital format.  The Greenspace Collection is also a complete collection recently converted to streaming video format.

Conversion Steps

When a physical title (VHS or DVD) becomes streaming, it goes through several steps (and several people). After a title is chosen or approved, it is encoded at a computer station dedicated to this purpose. The digital file is stored in a folder awaiting review. Once it is reviewed for quality, it is uploaded to Sharestream (the College's internal video storage). At this time, it is assigned a link. The physical title and special instructions are forwarded to the cataloguer, who creates a record for the title, and makes the link publicly available. The physical item will no longer circulate - it may be archived or discarded, depending on it's commercial availability and copyright considerations.