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Deaf Studies Streaming Video Collection

Online videos suitable for the Deaf Studies program.

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Deaf Studies Streaming Video Collection

Deaf Studies Collection

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A young woman flees her wealthy and domineering husband to take a job as a teacher in a backwoods school for the deaf (drama).

ASL poetry: selected works of Clayton Valli
Twenty-one of Valli's poems are signed using a wide variety of styles. Kuntze guides the viewer through the poems' meanings and gives insight on the fairly new medium of poetry written in American Sign Language.


Basics of teaching American Sign Language
Covers topics such as the history of ASL teaching, teaching strategies, classroom activities, ASL grammar, vocabulary and conversational techniques, how to select appropriate textbooks, and setting up a course syllabus.

A metaphorical tale about a young boy who envisions a better world across the sea and sets out to build a bridge to reach it.


Cognitive processing skills in English
To be an effective interpreter you need high levels of skill in the languages you use to interpret. Cognitive processing skills in English has videotaped source materials to make your English skills strong and flexible and prepare you to move on to more advanced skills.

Cohlear implants: the deaf community's view
The ear and cochlear implants are discussed from the perspective of the deaf community.


Deafology 101: a crash course on deaf culture
A highly entertaining lecture on deaf culture by Ken Glickman, author of "DEAFinitions" and other humor books.

Deaf tend your: non-manual signals in ASL
Examples and a discussion of the non-manual aspects of ASL.



Families with deaf children: discovering our needs and exploring our choices
Parents talk to other parents about having a deaf child. They discuss their reactions to being told that their child was deaf, and the various steps they took to help their child.

Fingers that tickle & delight: stories by Evelyn Zola
Deaf comedian Evelyn Zola tells stories from her life and career with plenty of deaf wit and humour.




Idioms in American Sign Language
This video, using 104 selected idioms in American Sign Language, provides a unique learning experience necessary for the appropriate use and understanding of ASL.

An introduction to the deaf community
A basic overview of the culture of Deaf people and American sign language in America. Designed to debunk stereotypes, and provide information about national and international Deaf organizations.




The LACD story: Los Angeles Club of the Deaf
Depicts the historic changes of a Deaf club in a large city. It captures memories of the clubhouse and dramatizes the rise and fall of a powerful social organization within the Deaf community.

Laurent Clerc, 1785-1869
Reviews the life of Laurent Clerc, one of the great instructors of the deaf. It includes interviews with historians and deaf educators.

Linguistics of American Sign Language
Presents story signed in ASL by deaf storyteller Val Dively. Throughout the course, selected signs from her dramatization are isolated for detailed linguistic analysis.

Loving yourself
Using drama and humour, Loving yourself shows how sensitive issues can be approached in ways that are respectful of everyone involved.


Mouth morphemes in American Sign Language
In response to the missing mouthing elements in the ASL classroom, DeBee Communications, in association with Kevin Struxness, developed this hour-long video featuring 50 different mouthing movements along with their respective phonological meanings.



Overuse syndrome
Identifies and describes the symptoms and the causes, as well as how to prevent and treat overuse syndrome. Includes a variety of warm up exercises to prevent injury.


The perilous pursuits of Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean sets out to have a lovely day at the Fun Fair, when this baby literally appears from nowhere...



Religious signs
Mr. Joslin demonstrates sign language as it is used in a religious setting.


See you in court : [a video in ASL on law and the courts]
Gives deaf people important basic information about the legal system in Canada.

Sharing our stories
Shows adults signing 10 well-known children's stories.

Signing treasures: excerpts from Signing naturally
Skits, jokes, stories, legends, poems and songs signed by some of the deaf community's most popular storytellers.

Silent suffering: substance abuse in the deaf community
Discusses alcohol and drug addiction services to the deaf community. Covers cultural issues, treatment issues, and recovery issues.


Telling stories
Using symbols and myths drawn from the struggles between the world of the deaf and the world of the hearing, this nonverbal, gestural play fascinates audiences regardless of their knowledge of deafness or sign language.

The Tomato Chef: heart-healthy cooking
Chef Jeff Perri prepares a full meal, from appetizers through dessert. This meal is not only low in fat, but delicious as well.

Tomorrow dad will still be deaf: and other stories
Bonnie Kraft tells stories from her perspective as a hearing child of deaf parents, and she is interviewed by Ben Bahan.

To your health: making healthy choices
Focuses on decisions made daily that impact directly on an individual's health. Includes information on eating, nutrition, exercise, and smoking.