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RRC Guides: Staff Guide: Welcome



Welcome to the RRC GUIDE guide

This guide will assist you in finding information about RRC Guides -- everything you wanted to know but was afraid to ask.

Thanks, and enjoy!


Get Help

The following staff people can assist you:

More about the Guide Review Committee.

Academic Support Staff

RRC Guides : Support Guides

The following support guides were created to house the documentation about RRC Guides.

Find here Policy and Procedure as well as help in using content item and creating guides.

RRC Guide Forms

Important Information


Templates were created to support the creation and maintenance of the RRC Guide Collection. To use a template follow the instruction in the Training guide.

Using The Templates


The Parent guide was created to house all the mapped boxes (boxes that are the same on every guide) as well as copies of all the standardized boxes. These boxes can be used to replace a 'damaged' box or to add to a specialized page. Changes to Parent will cascade to all the other guides.

How to copy boxes from Parent