How to Create Permalinks to EBSCOhost Articles

This procedure describes how to create working persistent links to EBSCOhost Articles, for inclusion in LMS systems or other electronic delivery.


Instructors are having difficulty when copying links to EBSCOhost articles and pasting them in LMS systems such as Desire2Learn.

  • The problem is usually that is the link is not a persistent link it will not take the user back to the article.
  • The problem may also be that the link was created when the instructor discovered the link by initially going directly to EBSCOhost and did not initially click the link on the Library website, which accesses EBSCOhost through the Library Proxy server.  When this happens, the link works on campus, but it does not work for people who are off-campus.

Procedure Details

In regards to creating persistent links to EBSCOhost articles:

  1. IMPORTANT: Start by entering EBSCOhost through the link on the library website. This will force you to login through the Library proxy server first.
  2. Go to the article you want to link to.
  3. Use the "PERMALINK" feature on the right hand side of the page. This will give you a link that can be used and will take the user straight back to the page. DO NOT use the address in the address window of the browser.
  4.  Use the PERMALINK in Desire2Learn or any other online system that you use to communicate with students . The permalink should take the user through the proxy login and then straight back to the article.