UpToDate® is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions. More than 6,300 world-renowned physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations that are proven to improve patient care and quality.

Note: Initially, Red River College Students and Staff should access UpToDate through links available on this page. If the user registers an account with UpToDate, they may return to the UpToDate resource (for up to 90 days), via their browser or device without going through the RRC library access point.

Accessing UpToDate

  • UpToDate (User Account Access)
    1. When you first use this link to enter the UpToDate site, you may be asked to register a user profile at UpToDate.com. If you are not prompted to create an account, just click on "Register" link in the upper right.
    2. Once you are registered, and come back to UpToDate in future sessions, you will be automatically logged-in!
    3. If you choose not to register the first time, you can always choose to register at a later date.  Registering allows you to access the site via the UpToDate App.

Using the UpToDate App

To use the UpToDate App on your mobile device:

  1. You must first login to UpToDate through the RRC Library web site via the UpToDate (User Account Access link.  This initial step is critical for UpToDate to link your account with access granted through Red River College.
  2. Register a personal account with UpToDate. Remember the username and password you have set with UpToDate.
  3. Download the *Free* UpToDate app from your app store. It is available for both Apple and Android devices.
  4. Open the UpToDate App and login using the personal account you have created at the UpToDate web site. (See image on the right)
  5. You will be granted continuous access through the UpToDate App, however you will be required to refresh your eligibility for access every 90 days by returning to the library website and clicking the link labelled UpToDate (User Account Access.

Extending Direct Access Availability

Once users register an account with UpToDate they may continue to access the site directly.However, after 90 days they will be required to refresh their eligibility for access by returning to the RRC Library website and clicking the link labelled UpToDate (User Account Access).

Troubleshooting FAQ

  1. I am continuously asked to accept the "License Agreement"
  2. If you keep getting prompted to accept the "License Agreement" do the following:
    1. Click on "My Account" just to the right of your name.
    2. When asked to login, enter the UpToDate username and password you created.
    Then problem should clear up after doing this.