Red River College Wireless

Red River College maintains the RRCWireless network in the Notre Dame Campus and throughout the Exchange District Campus.

Wireless is fully available throughout the Roblin Centre and the Patterson Global Institute at the Exchange District Campus.  In the Notre Dame Campus full wireless coverage is available in Buildings A, C, D, E, F and Z and certain common areas, such as the Library, the cafeterias (Buffalo, Voyageur, Otto’s, Hard Drive ), the Cave Lounge, and the North and South Gyms.  There is only partial wireless coverage in buildings M, J and B.

Making a Connection to RRCWIRELESS

  1. On your laptop or device, look for the wireless Connection named RRCWireless.
  2. Do not use RRCGuest! It does not work for Students/Staff or even anononymous users. (Additional info is below)
  3. When prompted for username and password, use your normal RRC network username and password.
  4. If you are prompted to "trust" the network, then you must do so to complete the connection.
  5. Once connected, your connection should be alive until you change your password. When you have a password change you must remove the RRCWireless connection and make a fresh connection to RRCWireless.

Trouble Connecting?

Important Tip!

If you are required to change your password, and then your phone loses its wireless connection, your phone is probably locked out! Do this:

1. Remove RRCWireless by using "Forget this Network"
2. Wait 30 minutes.
3. Re-connect to RRCWireless

  • Please note: The Library does not manage the wireless network.  The wireless network is managed by Information  Technology Solutions.  We publish these guides as a way to better serve our patrons.
  • For those who have difficulty connecting to wireless with a personal device, Red River College Information Technology Solutions only supports College-issued laptops and devices. However, the RRC Library does offer tips and general support on this page for those that are bringing their own device.
  • If you cannot make a connection, please refer to troubleshooting tips below. You are also invited to visit either Lower Learning Commons Helpdesk (Roblin Centre) or the Library Lab Helpdesk (Notre Dame Campus) for face-to-face assistance.

RRCWireless Settings

Generally, to connect to RRCWireless your device needs to have the following settings:

Wireless Network Name:  RRCWireless
Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption Type: AES
Authentication method: Secured password (EAP-MSCHVL)

Very Important for Windows users:  You need to disable "Automatically Use Windows Logon Name and Password"    

Once you try to connect you have to enter your username, password and a domain:

Username:  Your normal network username ie. jsmith33
Password:  Your normal Network Password
Domain:  Should be 'ACADEMIC' for Students and 'ADMIN' for Staff.  However, try it without a domain first and the network should automatically detect your domain.

Note: If you change your RRC network password you will likley have to remove the network (forget this network) and make a fresh connection to the RRCWireless network.

RRCWireless - Manual Connection Instructions

The Notre Dame Campus Library has produced these instruction guides for those that need to manually connect to the wireless network:

Windows Operating System



Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Don't use the RRCGuest wireless connection. Always use the RRCWireless connection.
  2. If you change your password, your device will likely retain your old password and will be locked out of the network. To remedy this situation:
    1. Forget this network (remove the RRCWireless Connection).
    2. Wait 30 minutes.
    3. Make a fresh connection to RRCWireless.
  3. Windows laptops may require the latest updates to connect using the required WPA2 Enterprise protocol. In addition, new laptops may require you to update your wireless adapter driver to the latest version. Look for updated wireless adapter drivers on the laptop manufacturer's website. 
  4. If your wireless stops working, ensure that you are at least in a location where the RRCWireless service is actually available. 
  5. Do you not see any Wireless networks? Make sure that your wireless adapter is switched on.
  6. If you are having trouble getting the settings to take effect, try turning off the wireless and then setting up the connection with the proper settings.  Then switch the wireless back on to make a connection.
  7. If you are still having trouble getting the settings to take effect, switch off the wireless.  Remove the connection to RRCWireless and then add it again manually (refer to one of our guides above for instructions as to adding manually).  Ensure all settings are correct.  Then switch the wireless adapter on and see if the connection can be made.

"RRCGuest" Wireless

Red River College also maintains a Wireless connection named "RRCGUEST".  This account is for guests to the college and is not meant to be used by students and/or staff. (Students and Staff should always use the RRCWireless connection)

RRCGUEST is for "guests" to the college and requires a unique username and a password that has to be obtained. in advance, by making a CASELOG request to Information Technology Solutions.  The Library does not issue usernames and/or passwords for RRCGUEST.