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Nursing Reference Center : Drug Information (database instructions)

This guide will help you use the Nursing Reference Center's Drug Information collections to access a drug monographs and information.

AHFS Drug Information Essentials

AHFS (American Hospital Formulary Service) Drug Information Essentials Collection

  • Over 11,700 represented medicines plus manufacturers of drug products
  • Separate drug monographs for systemic topical and EENT drug formulations
  • Drug interactions, cautions, and toxicity
  • Extensive dosage and methods of administration

Finding Monograph & Drug Information

Searching Drugs Monographs

1. Click the Drug Information tab in the top navigation bar

2. Select AHFS Drug Information Essentials from the In dropdown (default)


From here you can browse the list - using the alphabet links to jump ahead.






3. In the Browse for box enter the name of the drug you are looking for. Entries are listed by drug name and monograph name. This includes trade names, generic names, Canadian trade names, common names, abbreviations, and selected foreign names. Easy to use links will direct you to the monograph when multiple entry points are available.

​4. Click on the drug name link for the monograph details.

Use the navigation links to jump around the monograph document. 


NOTE: these are not the same as found in the Davis Drug Guide collection.

Printing Monographs

Printing Monographs

NRC gives the option to add personalized names, contact information, and notes to printed monographs. 

1. Find the desired Monograph

2. Click the Print Icon (Top Right corner of the document) 

3. if you want to include personal details such as patient's name, health care providers' name and contact information as well as custom notes, check the include acknowledgments page and fill out the desired fields. 
Under advanced options, you can select to include a citation for the source of the drug information. 
select which drugs you want to include.

4. Click Print

Other tools

There are many other tools in addition to Print in the Nursing Reference Center. 





Email the information including full text and citation

Save - this is a bit complicated as it will give you the option to save the HTML file - not a PDF or word document. 

Export to a reference tool such as EndNote or RefWorks

Add to a folder -- you can create an account in EBSCOhost to save articles and search history. This may be a useful investment if you are using this database frequently. (EBSCOhost folders do NOT use the same username and password as RRC)

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