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Specialty Pages

The specialty pages were created to allow Guide Owners some flexibility to add content outside of the standardized boxes. These pages can be used for 'mini-guides' where the content is relevant and unique to the course or topic but there isn't enough of it to complete a whole guide.  (ex. James Beard Award Winners -- this topic is unique and relevant to the Culinary Arts program but there isn't enough content to complete a guide given that the topic is cookbooks. A custom rich text box was added to explain the awards being highlighted and a hyperlink to the webpage about the award.)

You are welcome to use any of the boxes from standardized pages (i.e. Featured Books, Databases, Journals, etc.) or you can create more free-form boxes that are specific to your topic. Boxes can contain various types of content items sorted by topic as opposed to content type (which is typical).

Specialty pages are to be used in addition to the standardized pages and should not be used to replace them or their content. They are supplementary to the 'host' guide. Specialty pages will still require the same type of navigation as well as the standardized boxes "contact us" and "make a recommendation". If your specialty page is longer than the screen and/or contains multiple boxes, a table of contents box should be added to the left column (a Table of Contents box can be found in the Parent guide).

Please note that the content will be subject to the approvals process.

A maximum of 4 specialty pages is allowed per guide. Unused pages can be hidden for future use.

Copying boxes from the Parent Guide

Specialty pages are unique in that they may contain a combination of any of the standardized boxes already seen in the guide as well as customized rich text boxes and other media. 

A copy of all standardized boxes resides within the Parent Guide. Use this repository as a source when adding standardized content to your specialty page. 

Copying Boxes

  1. Click ADD BOX link in the column you want your box to appear.
  2. Select REUSE EXISTING BOX tab.
  3. Type "RRC Guides" to shorten the list and select "RRC Guides : Parent Guide".
  4. Select the box you want to use (ex. Featured eBooks).
  5. Click the COPY box at the bottom of the pop-up. This is important as you cannot edit a mapped box.
  6. Click the SAVE button.