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Copyright Compliance

Copyright compliance, including a brief guide for staff and students to fair dealing.

Copyright Compliance

Copyright Compliance (Sep 2016)

Brief Guide for Staff | Guide to Fair Dealing

Copyright regulations exist to recognize and protect the intellectual work of individuals. As a post-secondary educational institution it is in our best interest to demonstrate leadership in acknowledging the intellectual work of those we rely on in delivering our curriculum and in ensuring fair compensation for the use of that work. The Copyright Act imposes obligations when dealing with copyrighted material. Complying with these obligations is an important responsibility for all staff and students at the College.

An extensively revised Canadian Copyright Act came into force on November 7 2012. Under this new Act, educational institutions now have significantly greater permissions to use copyrighted material for teaching purposes. In addition, many recording / reporting provisions have been eliminated or reduced.

The Copyright Act of 2012 provides extensive permissions for educational institutions to use copyrighted material for classes. This means that instructors may, within limits:

  • scan paper materials for class presentation (PowerPoint or other display format),
  • store short text excerpts in a learning management system (e.g. LEARN) or on a password protected network site (e.g. CONNECT),
  • show or stream videos or DVDs in class,
  • create compilations of audio or video tapes for classroom use, and
  • download material found on the Internet to a secure class site.

RRC Policy

Copyright Legislation

Copyright Compliance - Brief Guide for Staff

For a practical interpretation of the policy please refer to the following:

For Further Assistance

  • Copyright Officer
          204-632-2913 (Ebony Novakowski
  • Library Reference Desks
          204-632-2233 (NDC) or 204-949-8371 (EDC)
  • Manager, Campus Store & Print Shoppe
          204-632-2459 (Todd Buchanan)
  • Manager, Learning Technologies (LEARN Related Questions)
          204-632-3073 (Matt Miles)
  • Corporate Counsel
          204-632-2265 (Carolyn Frost)