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Library Policies

Audio Visual Booking Policy

Audio Visual Booking Policy

Staff (Day)

Day instructors may borrow audio visual materials and equipment for the usual loan period of one day.  Longer periods can easily be arranged with the AV Services’ staff in attendance. 

Staff (Evening/Saturday)

Evening/Saturday instructors should book all audio visual material and equipment in advance.  All material and equipment must be picked up and returned the same day.  If instructors require overnight or weekend use of material, for previewing purposes, this can easily be arranged with the AV Services’ staff in attendance. Longer loan periods must be arranged, in advance, with the AV Services Supervisor.


Students may borrow audio visual materials and equipment for same day use. Requests for Overnight/over weekend use require an Instructor’s or Department Head’s authorization.  Authorization in the way of a phone call, e-mail, memo or student listing is acceptable.


When requesting materials & equipment please include the following information:
Your Name & Library ID Number (If available)
Title(s) of materials needed &/or Call Number (If available)
Type(s) of equipment required
Specific date & time item(s) required

IN WRITING -- Booking RRC audio visual materials in writing is preferred and a confirmation will be provided. Requests may be dropped off at AV Services, faxed or mailed to:

AV Services
CM35, Library
Red River College
2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3H 0J9
FAX: 204-697-4791
Email us

BY TELEPHONE– Phone: 204-632-2231.  Telephone bookings of RRC audio visual materials will be taken during regular hours of operation.  When ever possible, requests will be confirmed at the time of booking.  Phone bookings should be limited to 3 titles.  Requests for several titles should be done in writing.

BY Email.  Requests will be confirmed via e-mail unless otherwise requested.

IN PERSON --You may book in person anytime during regular hours.

NOTE:  All necessary equipment for materials is booked at the same time for day / evening / Saturday classes unless stated otherwise.  Special requests for equipment or borrowing arrangements, etc. should be directed to the AV Services Supervisor, 204-632-2389.

Borrowing from other Audio Visual sources

The Library can borrow materials from other collections for use on the main campus.  Several catalogues are available from various libraries -- eg. Universities of Manitoba & Winnipeg, the Department of Health, etc. We must adhere to the policies that each library has for outside borrowers.

Requests require 2 to 5  working days for processing and shipping arrangements.

ALL requests MUST be in writing (forms are available).  Requests may be dropped off, faxed or mailed to AV Services.

The following information is required when booking titles from other sources:
Title of material, name of the library or organization from which it is available, and the days you wish to show the material.

A signature is required since shipping charges are involved (Library absorbs cost).