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Communication Strategies Student Resources: Advocating

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Develop the confidence to actively support a person or perspective.

Using this Strategy

You will use this strategy when you:

  • Meet with an instructor to ask about a mark on an assignment.
  • Speak up in class to ask for more time to finish a group assignment.
  • Speak up during a group meeting to make sure a classmate gets to share their opinion.
  • Ask group mates to do their share of the work.
  • Ask an instructor for help accessing academic supports.
  • Reach out to an instructor to tell them that a classmate is struggling and needs help.
  • Get help for yourself or a friend.

Key Resources

To learn about how to advocate for others:

To learn about how to be an advocate:

To find out how to boost your self-confidence:

To intentionally build your self-confidence:

To learn how to speak up:

To learn how to advocate for yourself:

To get help if you (or a friend) have experienced violence, harassment, or discrimination: