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Communication Strategies Student Resources: Planning

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Use a process to plan out communications to ensure they are complete, correct, and clear.

Using this Strategy

You will use the planning strategy when you:

  • Use the writing process to brainstorm, organize, write, and revise your communications for clarity.
  • Organize your communications planning for PACT (Purpose, audience, Context, and Tone).
  • Gather information from credible sources and plan to ensure all sources are correctly cited.
  • Develop a project plan with teammates in order to meet the goals of an assignment.
  • Use time management skills to plan out daily and weekly tasks to ensure all tasks get completed.


Key Resources

To learn about using the writing process to plan your writing:

To learn about best practices when writing:

To learn about using RefWorks to plan out your outside sources:

To learn about project planning:

To learn about planning your schedule: