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Journal Search (Library 101): Home

Use the publication finder to locate and view the many online eJournals RRC subscibes to



How to use Journal Search

Red River College subscribes to a large number of journals both independently and through our extensive database collections. Print journals are housed within the Library, and eJournals are journals and magazines that are displayed and viewed online. Staff and students can access these materials through their college account. 

Don’t forget to check out the related guides for similar topics and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Library 101

Use these guides to get the most out of your library experience, improve your research skills, use library resources to their full research potential and more.

Find Journals

There are a couple of ways to find journals in the Library. This guide will focus on using Journal Search. For information about the other methods click on the links below.

You will need to Sign In to access any online resources.  (More about Signing in and Library Card (your online Library account))

Getting Started

Journal search

1. Access Journal search from the Library homepage navigation bar (left)
From within OneSearch 

2. Type the Name or ISSN of the journal in the search box 
     Journal Search will offer some predictive search results based on the collection. 

3. Click the spyglass icon or Enter key

Journal Search Results










From the results page, you can use the filters to limit by ejournals (available online) or print journals (Physical items in the library).  You can also see from the records if they are available online or if they have a physical location. Peer-Reviewed journals are also clearly identified on this page as well as Open Access journals.

Click on the journal title for more information and options.

Searching within eJournals

















1. Click on the Details for the Journal (This works for both electronic journals and print journals)

2. Enter your search terms in the Search Box













3. The Journal search box will move your query to a populated Advanced Search field.

In the example, we can see that the ISSN - which identifies the journal we are wanting to search - has been entered. This prevents any other journal from responding. 

4. Modify your search as desired and Search as per usual.

Browsing eJournals

















To browse the articles in a particular issue - similar to flipping through a print copy of a journal

1. In the Journal details

2. Click on the link under "Full-Text Availability" to go to the database where the eJournal resides















On the Right-side of the details page we can see links for all issues. 

3. Click on the year to expand the option to see all issues in that grouping

4. Click on the issue you want to explore


















5. A search is created to see all articles related to that particular issue of the selected journal. 

From this screen, you can modify the search to a particular topic and search as per usual.