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Get Red River Ready


Picture of Carleigh with studentWelcome to Red River College Polytechnic! A big congratulations on starting your next chapter and joining our college community.  

On these pages, you’ll be able to access video recordings that will help you to get oriented and ready for your studies – we cover a range of topics like Time Management, using College technology, diversity and student life, and the many college supports and resources. We hope these recordings will help you to connect to the many services that are available to you as a student at Red River College Polytechnic. 

There is a network of people at the college that are here cheering for your success, and many of the videos available here feature them and the services they provide. We hope that you find the key information you need, and you reach out to the services available to you.  

Once again, we would like to welcome you to the College with a warm congratulations – we are excited to get to know you as you start your learning journey with us.