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 18-Apr-19 Shh, No Roaring! When A Lion Lived In The Downtown Milwaukee Library BuildingIn the file of "truth is stranger than fiction," the Milwaukee downtown library was once home to a lion cub. While it seems fantastical, he lived there back when the library shared a building with the Milwaukee Public Museum.
 17-Apr-19 5-star phonies: Inside the fake Amazon review complexHe spent two weeks in the underbelly of Amazon's fake review economy — and emerged questioning our collective trust in the stars.
 16-Apr-19 'Extraordinary' 500-year-old library catalogue reveals books lost to timeIt sounds like something from Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s The Shadow of the Wind and his The Cemetery of Forgotten Books: a huge volume containing thousands of summaries of books from 500 years ago, many of which no longer exist. But the real deal has been found in Copenhagen, where it has lain untouched for more than 350 years.
 15-Apr-19 The Case for Finally Cleaning Your DeskThe physical environment of the workplace has a significant effect on the way that we work. When our space is a mess, so are we.
 12-Apr-19 Back to Basics: A beginners guide to voice search and digital assistants in 2019A roundup of the various digital assistants on the market today with some beginner tips on how to optimize for voice search.
 11-Apr-19 IBM stirs controversy by using Flickr photos for AI facial recognitionThe million images were shared under the liberal licenses that Flickr photographers chose, but they probably didn't picture this.
 10-Apr-19 There's a Dark Side to Multitasking That No One Is Talking AboutMultitasking helps us maximize every moment -- or so we think.
 09-Apr-19 Why there's so little left of the early internetIt took nearly five years into the internet’s life before anyone made a concerted effort to archive it. Much of our earliest online activity has disappeared.
 08-Apr-19 An Unlikely Library of Obsolete TechnologiesThe Lower East Side Ecology Center was founded in 1987 to help New Yorkers recycle electronic waste, keeping countless quantities of toxic chemicals from old computers, televisions, and other electronic devices from ending up in landfills. While much of what comes in is recycled, some products are refurbished for reuse, and this has resulted in the creation of a historical collection of devices, offering a prop library for recreating past eras.
 05-Apr-19 The secret to scientific discoveries? Making mistakesFollow along in this Ted Talk as Phil Plait, who was on the Hubble Space Telescope team of astronomers, shows how science progresses -- through a robust amount of making and correcting errors. "The price of doing science is admitting when you're wrong, but the payoff is the best there is: knowledge and understanding," he says.
 04-Apr-19 Adult Identity and the “I Can’t Use Technology Well” IntroductionA post from Wesley Fryer's blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, where he outlines a summary of conversations with technology-fearful adults.
 03-Apr-19 Reading to Your Toddler? Print Books Are Better Than Digital Ones“The tablet itself made it harder for parents and children to engage in the rich back-and-forth turn-taking that was happening in print books,” a researcher said.
 02-Apr-19 Blue Light and Eye Strain: What You Need to KnowHave you noticed that your eyes get tired when you spend too much time in front of the computer? Sure you do, since you are the one who has to deal with the headaches, the dry eyes, and even blurred vision at times. What you may not be aware of, though, is the impact it has on your vision, your sleep, and your health, as well as how you can immediately protect yourself by using a blue light filter.
 01-Apr-19 CC Search: A New Vision, Strategy & Roadmap for 2019A refined vision for the Creative Commons search, which is focused on building a product that promotes not just discovery, but reuse of openly-licensed and public domain works.
 29-Mar-19 The Ultimate Guide to Personal Productivity: 43 Tips to Be More Efficient, More Effective (and a Lot Happier)To get a lot more done, check out this comprehensive list of personal productivity tips.
 28-Mar-19 New Archive Digitizes 80,000 Historic Watercolor Paintings, the Medium Through Which We Documented the World Before PhotographyThe watercolor painting has a reputation for lightness. It’s a casual endeavor, done in scenic outdoor surroundings on sunlit days. Watercolors are the choice of weekend hobbyists or children unready for messier materials. Watercolors, in other words, are often treated as unserious. But for a couple hundred years, they served a very serious purpose...
 27-Mar-19 Students In Ukraine Learn How To Spot Fake Stories, Propaganda And Hate SpeechAbout five years since the war in eastern Ukraine between government forces and Russian-backed separatists began, triggering a surge in propaganda and disinformation, some students in four cities across the country are learning how to better assess what they're reading, seeing and hearing.
 26-Mar-19 The Quest to Acquire the Oldest, Most Expensive Book on the PlanetA wooden box containing one of the most valuable books in the world arrives in Los Angeles on October 14, 1950, with little more fanfare—or security—than a Sears catalog. Code-named “the commode,” it was flown from London via regular parcel post, and while it is being delivered locally by Tice and Lynch, a high-end customs broker and shipping company, its agents have no idea what they are carrying and take no special precautions...
 25-Mar-19 Delete Never: The Digital Hoarders Who Collect Tumblrs, Medieval Manuscripts, and Terabytes of Text FilesWhen it comes to their stuff, people often have a hard time letting go. When the object of their obsession are rooms full of old clothes or newspapers, it can be unhealthy—even dangerous. But what about a stash that fits on 10 5-inch hard drives?
 22-Mar-19 WORLD WATER DAY: WHAT'S SPACE GOT TO DO WITH IT?UN Sustainable Goal 6 is crystal clear: Water for all by 2030. For World Water Day we take a look at ways that space can help this global challenge. While Earth-observing satellites monitor our precious water resources, technologies developed for human space missions also serve global needs in harsh environments here on Earth.
 21-Mar-19 Don't Fear MathWhy do many of us hate, even fear math? Why are we convinced we're bad at it? This hour, TED speakers explore the myths we tell ourselves and how changing our approach can unlock the beauty of math.
 20-Mar-19 Meet BookBot: Mountain View library’s newest robot helperResidents in downtown Mountain View have gotten their first peek at the future with the debut of BookBot, the library’s newest non-human helper.
 19-Mar-19 How to keep human bias out of AIAI algorithms make important decisions about you all the time -- like how much you should pay for car insurance or whether or not you get that job interview. But what happens when these machines are built with human bias coded into their systems?
 18-Mar-19 The Disinformation Problem Starts at HomeIn the face of growing political pressure and measles outbreaks in the US and abroad, YouTube recently pulled advertising from videos spreading anti-vaccine propaganda. Facebook, meanwhile, has announced that groups and pages that push misinformation about vaccines will get lower rankings and won’t be recommended to users...
 15-Mar-19 Google Chrome Added a Privacy-Focused Search Engine Called 'DuckDuckGo'As it and other technology giants face questions and fines over their practices when it comes to competition and user privacy, Google is adding a new official option to its popular Chrome browser that allows users to search the web using the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo search engine rather than its own platform.
 14-Mar-19 The high cost of college textbooks, explainedPublishers say digital options make textbooks cheaper. Affordability advocates say it increases their stranglehold on the market.
 13-Mar-19 The Equustek Effect: How One Case Has Sparked Canada’s Aggressive Approach Over Internet JurisdictionEquustek Solutions v. Google Inc., a case that originated in British Columbia, Canada, in 2014, captured international attention as one of the first internet jurisdiction cases to be considered by a nation’s highest court. Since then, the case has emerged as a cautionary tale about increasingly aggressive legal approaches with respect to the Internet, with significant implications for online governance.
 12-Mar-19 To Seem More Competent, Be More ConfidentIt’s a common feeling: while you are busy doing a good job, others seem to be advancing much faster in their careers. What’s going on? This article explains how perceptions of competence are just as important for success as actual competence.
 11-Mar-19 Intersubjectivity and Ghostly Library Labor"Libraries are haunted houses. As our patrons move through scenes and illusions that took years of labor to build and maintain, we workers are hidden, erasing ourselves in the hopes of providing a seamless user experience, in the hopes that these patrons will help defend Libraries against claims of death or obsolescence. However, ‘death of libraries’ arguments that equate death with irrelevance are fundamentally mistaken..."
 08-Mar-19 International Women's Day (Government of Canada website)March 8 is International Women's Day — a day to recognize women's achievements and acknowledge the challenges they continue to face in the quest for gender equality.
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