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Check your online Library account (Library 101): Home

From your account you can see all the items you have borrowed, when they are due and even renew them online. you can also save items and save searches in your account.



How to Check your online Library account - "My Library Card"

From your account, you can see all the items you have borrowed, when they are due and even renew them online. You can also save items and save searches in your account. 












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Thanks, and enjoy!

Library 101

Use these guides to get the most out of your library experience, improve your research skills, use library resources to their full research potential and more.

Step 1. Sign-in

The first thing you should do in OneSearch is sign in. Signing in will give you some extra features including: 

  • Access to online content such as ebooks, streaming video, database articles and more
  • Better results (gives you access to more database results)
  • Search history
  • Favorites (Records and searches)  (More about Favorites)
  • Library card








1. Click Sign In


2. Select the option that applies to you


3. Sign in with your College credentials. 

These are the same Username and Password that is used in LEARN or HUB.


4. When you are Signed in you will see your name on the toolbar in place of Sign in and Menu

Step 2. My Library Card (your online Library account)

Library Card is your online library account. From here you can see:

  • Loans - See what you have out, when its due and request renewals
  • Requests - See the status of requests (items you have requested to pick up tat the desk)
  • Fines+Fees - see any outstanding fines or fees that are owing due to missing or overdue items
  • Blocks+Messages - see any messages from the Library
  • Personal Details - update your personal information such as email addresses

There are two ways to access Library Card

1. From the Library homepage















from within OneSearch












NOTE: if you haven't signed in yet you will be prompted to do so.

Renewing your items

You can renew your items a number of times, so long as nobody else has requested them. 

1. Enter your account














2. Click on Loans

3. Select the item you wish to renew. Note: the current due date is circled in blue in the image below.
















4. Click Renew


You won't be able to renew online if...

  • If your book is already OVERDUE -- Please come see us and we would be happy to help you. 
  • If you have exceeded your renewal limits (5 times)