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Printing, Scanning and Photocopying

How to print, scan and photocopy at the RRC Libraries

Adding Money To Your Print Account

Step 1

Either click on the Papercut Icon Papercut Icon and click on details.

Ballance screen with arrow pointing to details link.

Or open a browser and go to

Step 2


Username: <your HUB username>
Password: <your HUB password>

Step 3

Click 'Add Credit' from the menu.

Add credit menu with arrow pointing to Add Credit.

Step 4

Select the amount you want to add to your print account from the drop-down box.

Click the 'Add Value' button.

Step 5

Fill out your credit card details.

Click the 'Process Transaction' button.

Papercut pay screen.

Papercut Pay Station

Image of Papercut pay station.At the Exchange District Campus

In the Atrium, beside the elevator.
Machine accepts cash only.


At the Notre Dame Campus

In Building D, across from the Campus Store.
Machine accepts cash only.



Image of the payment desk in the campus store.

The Campus Store staff can accept cash, debit or credit card to add money to your RRC Print Account.

They can also resolve any issues relating to printing, in case your document fails to print, or prints incorrectly.


At the Exchange District Campus

The Campus Store is located on the ground floor of P-building.


At the Notre Dame Campus

The Campus Store can be found on the main floor of C-building, across from the Buffalo caffeteria.