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Printing, Scanning and Photocopying

How to print, scan and photocopy at the RRC Libraries


Where Can I Scan Documents

  • Both the colour printers (PSCLIB_PRT4 in the main library and LLC_PRT2 in the Lower Learning Commons) have the ability to scan.
  • You will be able to scan to USB stick, but scanning to email does not work.


  • There is a stand-alone table scanner on Workstation 11 in the front area of the library, outside the computer lab.
  • Also, NDC_LIB_EQ_Copier (the colour copier) allows scanning to USB and to Email.


Is There a Cost/Charge/Fee

  • Scans are free.
  • RRC only charges for toner/paper use and as scanning doesn't use either printer toner or paper, there is no need to charge.


Scanning To Email

  • Scanning is only allowed to your RRC email.
  • A guide to scanning to email can be found here.


Scanning to USB Stick

  • There is a port on the front of the printer/scanner that you can plug a USB stick into.  If the USB stick isn't recognized, then the formatting isn't compatible with the scanner/copier.
  • A guide to scanning to USB stick can be found here.