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Library and Academic Services News

Calendar, Guidelines, Contacts

Blog scheduling calendar

Calendar colour code

  • BLUE - Annual topics of interest that might inspire a post
  • GREEN - Scheduled posts

About the schedule


As of August 2021, the LAS blog will use a rotating schedule. Each Wednesday will be reserved for one of the four main areas of LAS as folllows:

  • Assessment Services (AS) - 1st Wed of the month
  • Information and Program Delivery (I&PD) - 2nd Wed of the month
  • Library Resource Management (LRM) - 3rd Wed of the month
  • Academic Success Centre (ASC) - 4th Wed of the month

We encourage LAS to utilize their "space" to showcase the various services, supports, and successes in their area.


Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri are not assigned unless requested. To publish on one of these days, please follow this process:

  • Contact your Social Media Team rep (on the right side of this page).
  • Notify them of the topic, publish date, and your name (they will add this information to the calendar).
  • Email your post to your Social Media Team rep a minimum of three days before your publish date. (Posts may also be submitted and scheduled well in advance of the publication date.)



Contact for calendar maintenance, topic suggestions, and post submissions. Please contact the representative for your area.

Artemis Hedrich (Rep for I&PD)

Ebony Novakowski (Rep for LRM)

Linda Fox (Rep for AS)

Melissa Coyle (Rep for ASC)


Request assistance with technical issues and web display.

Mark Nelson



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LAS Promotions

Promotion Request Form

Use the Promotion Request Form for promotion within Library and Academic Services' own communication channels. Some examples include:

  • Graphics for the LAS website
  • Document design for a handout
  • Request for LAS social media or news post

LAS Promotions Contact

For questions or assistance with Library and Academic Services promotions, please contact Linda Fox.