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ASC: Supports for Students - Self-Directed Learning

Academic Integrity

When Looking for Help on Your Own 

If you receive academic help through friends, family members and tutoring services outside of Red River College Polytechnic, make sure you are maintaining the integrity of your work. It is your responsibility to complete work that shows what YOU know. Make sure whoever is helping you guides you in learning, without doing the work for you.  

Every term, students find themselves breaching the S4 Academic Integrity Policy by using inappropriate supports. The Academic Integrity policy states that students will submit their own work to be assessed, so that Red River College Polytechnic credentials are credible. Breaching the academic integrity policy is called academic misconduct. The following activities are inappropriate uses of support and can be reported as academic misconduct: 

  • Copying answers between classmates 
  • Submitting academic work completed in part or whole by a family member or friend 
  • Receiving answers and completed work from online tutoring services 
  • Taking answers from online file/note sharing websites 
  • Uploading answers and instructor materials to online file/note sharing websites 
  • Paying another person to complete academic work for you 

The bottom line is - submitting answers created by someone else is academic misconduct. 

Learn more about Academic Integrity at Red River College Polytechnic

If you have questions about academic integrity, what it means, how to show it and which resources are acceptable, please contact Lisa Vogt, Academic Integrity Specialist You can also visit the Academic Integrity website for more info.