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ASC: Supports for Students - Self-Directed Learning

About the Disability Awareness Course

Disability Awareness Course


Students can self-enroll in this course here.


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The Disability Awareness Course aims to enhance students' awareness about individuals with disabilities, and provide strategies for inclusiveness and social responsibility.




Learning Outcomes

Module 1.

Exploring Disabilities

  • Describe the complexity of perspectives surrounding the discussions and definitions around disability and inclusion
  • Identify current and inclusive language related to the field of disability
  • Describe different approaches to disability
  • Describe types of disabilities

Module 2.

Cultural Considerations

  • Explain how different cultural values influence the perceptions and attitudes around disability
  • Identify different cultural aspects that can intersect and impact the identity of people with disabilities
  • Describe the cultural perspective of the Indigenous community as it relates to their understanding of disability

Module 3.

Strategies for Inclusion

  • Describe how key concepts of stigma, prejudice and discrimination impact people with disabilities
  • Describe the concepts of accessibility and accommodation
  • Identify strategies for inclusion when interacting with people with disabilities, including group work and use of inclusive language

Module 4.

A Deaf Perspective

  • Describe the cultural perspective of the Deaf community as it relates to their understanding of disability
  • Explain concepts of culture, identity, oppression, and inclusion from a Deaf community’s perspective.