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Virtual Study Hall: home

A break from studying alone.

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Do you miss studying with your peers? Having trouble with motivation? Need tutoring and assignment help? We know - we feel it too! Take a break from studying alone and drop into the Virtual Study Hall.

How does a virtual study hall work?

  1. Join online using your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  2. Set a goal and share it with your host (optional)
  3. Study for 25-minutes
  4. Enjoy a 5-minute break
  5. Share what you accomplished with your host (optional)
  6. Set a new goal for the next 25-minute study session!

The host will guide each study hall and be available to answer questions and check in on your progress between each session. You are welcome to join us for as many study sessions as you'd like as this is a great way to meet your study goals and feel connected with your peers!

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In Addition to Study Hall...

We also have help desks, workshops, and activities available (see all of your options below).

If you have any questions, click on the Ask Us button at the bottom of the page. A friendly staff member will help you out.


All Day
10am-noon | 1-3pm

10am-noon | 1-3pm

Library Research Help Desk

Unsure how the Library can help you? Pop in for a chat and we'll help you find the materials, resources, guides, or databases you need to help you study. 

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Nursing APA Refresher

Are you needing help with an APA paper? The Writing Centre is hosting an APA refresher drop-in session. Meet with a writing tutor for help with APA citations, references, and formatting. Each meeting is up to 15 minutes in length and no appointment is necessary. 

If another student is currently with a writing tutor, you will be asked to wait in the WebEx waiting room. Once the tutor is available, you will be admitted in by order of arrival.  

Please bring your paper, assignment instructions, and questions! 

Presenters: Nick Schroeder & Emilie Jackson

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10am-noon | 2-3pm

Academic Success Center Help Desk 

The Academic Success Centre’s Help Desk schedule will feature expanded tutor availability between 10 am to 3pm.  

  • 10 am - 12 pm – Mike Reimer  
  • 12 pm - 1 pm – Chani Singh 

Students seeking help with a variety of Math or Science topics are invited to book up to three individual appointments with ASC tutors throughout the day.  Connect with a tutor for help with topics in: Business Administration, Information Technology, Nursing, or Technical and Applied Math and Science. 

Students are strongly encouraged to book appointments in advance by June 1 to secure themselves a spot. On the day of the event, appointments may be booked up to an hour prior to the start of the appointment, pending availability. 

Click the button now to book your Help Desk appointment. For assistance please visit this webpage, or send an email with the subject ‘appointment help’ to

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Available 24/7

Hybrid LEARNing Modules

A new suite of self-directed tutorials that provides relevant and helpful resources for the entire student cycle at college.

Library Lunch and Learn

Drop-in mini-lectures on a variety of research-based topics and databases.

Library Guides

There are a lot of guides available - a good place to start is with your program area and with the Library 101 section.

LinkedIn Learning Videos

These streaming videos help you improve your skills while learning from the experts. 




Center for International Education and Global Partnerships Help Desk

This session will offer a brief overview of the services available to support immigrant and international students at the College.

Are you interested in learning about the Canadian Connections or Intercultural Mentorship Programs? This is a great opportunity to experience cultural, social, and recreational activities, engage in college life, and connect with the Winnipeg community. We are always looking for volunteers!

Join us for a presentation followed by an opportunity to connect with the International Student Support Coordinators. Feel free to ask your questions and explore all of the services available to our students at Red River College.

Presenters: Parmeet Ghatoaura, Norlan Page, Norman Umali (from International Education)


Copyright for Students

Do you ever wonder how all that content gets shared on social media and the internet? Did you know RRC has a Copyright Policy for all students and staff? Do you know who owns Copyright to photos taken when a monkey steals your camera and takes a picture? Are you ever worried you might infringe on Copyright of your instructor or other creators? The session provides resources for navigating copyright as well as a base understanding of the responsibilities you have as a student in respecting Copyright law and policy when using copyrighted materials. 

Presenter: Ebony Novakowski


Review Workshop: Managerial Accounting (ACCT-1074)   

In this session, we’ll review the job order costing system, journalizing entries under the job order costing system, estimating overhead, and how to create a weighted average production report.

Presenter: Chani Singh


Writing Professional Emails 

This virtual study hall session will introduce the Hybrid LEARNing Module: Writing Professional Emails, which equips students with the necessary skills to effectively communicate via email in professional settings. The study hall session will include: 

  • a general overview of the module 
  • a step-by-step presentation on the skills involved in creating professional emails 
  • an opportunity to practice writing a professional email.   

At the end of the session, students will be shown how to self-enroll in the Writing Professional Emails module to continue their learning independently. 

Presenter: Meg Loewen


Balancing Your Studies and Personal Wellness 

Join our Mental Health Coordinator for a 30 minute interactive workshop on balancing your studies and personal wellness. The workshop will include tips as well as discussion and guided journaling. Take this time to plan how you will maintain your wellness through busy student life. 

Presenter: Breanna Sawatsky 


OneSearch: The Library's Search Engine

The new and improved OneSearch will search print books, ebooks, as well as 30+ full-text databases simultaneously. Come spend 30 min and learn how to use this powerful tool.

Presenter: Rosemary Woodby


RefWorks: Reference Management

RefWorks simplifies the process of research, collaboration, data organization, and writing by providing an easy-to-use tool for citation, bibliography, and reference management. Learn the basics of using this web-based tool and make writing your papers that much easier. For any person who needs to write and cite!

Set up your Free RefWorks account ahead of time:

Presenter: Rosemary Woodby


Lunch Break


Sharing Circle

Hey there! 

Are you feeling the pinch of the school year?  The end is so close you can feel the possibilities; however, it’s so many papers, exams, and assignments away?  You are absolutely without a doubt, not alone! Why not come and join our sharing circle?  We are going to listen to stories and affirmation from our Elder in Residence, Elder Una and share in each other’s stories of frustration, procrastination, and difficulties in concentration.  What a year this has been!  Let your Elder in Residence support you emotionally and mentally. Join us! 

Presenter: Elder Una, with Stephanie Wright assisting (from School of Indigenous Education)

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Indigenous images




Importance of Indigenous History

Learning about Indigenous history is important for all Canadians. It is one way of honouring Indigenous Peoples’ role in shaping Canadian history and their contributions to protecting democracy. It is also key to recognizing their identity and spirit, which is inherently connected to the land. 




Rejuvenate Your Learning: Making the Most of LinkedIn Learning 

The learning videos formerly known as have found their way into course work and even our library guides. This session provides a refresher on what it is and navigating the various parts of a LinkedIn Learning Course to take advantage of this powerful tool for learning.

Presenter: Fatima DeMelo

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Review Workshop: Financial Accounting (ACCT-2071) 

Chapter 8 and this chapter deals with Receivables. We will be going over 3 different methods on how to estimate receivables for the next year, how to record the journal entries for each of these methods, how to record the creation of a note receivable, how to record a year-end adjusting entry for interest revenue, what to do if the note receivable is paid (honoured) or not paid (dishonoured), how to write off an account that has become uncollectible, how to record an entry for the when the person comes back and pays us unexpectedly. 

Presenter: Mike Reimer & Chani Singh

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How to Excel During Remote Learning: What Academic Integrity Really Means 

Are you looking to succeed in your studies? Do you want to make a positive impression that will put you on the path to success? You CAN build your professional reputation, without meeting face-to-face with instructors and classmates. In this session, we will look at the fundamental values of academic integrity and discuss what honesty, trust, respect, truth, responsibility, fairness and courage look like in online learning. 

Presenter: Lisa Vogt

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Review Workshop: Accounting Fundamentals (ACCT-1071)

This review workshop will delve into liquidity rations, solvency ratios, profitability ratios, and free cash flow

Presenter: Chani Singh & Mike Reimer

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Kahoot Game

Take a break from studying and join in the RRC Students’ Association Kahoot Game! You need to be on time as once the game starts it will be locked and late participants cannot join.  

There will be prizes for the winners! 

Trivia will focus on pop culture and take approximately 20-30 minutes. 

Presenter: Jemma Ignacio (from RRC Students' Association)

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