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ASC: Supports for Students - Academic Supports for Students with Disabilities

Funded Tutoring Hours

Accessing extended CSG funded tutoring hours

Before you can access any CSG funded tutoring hours through the Academic Success Centre, you must verify receipt of your CSG award. To do so, please contact an Accessibility Services officer at your campus and provide a copy of your Grant Approval Letter:

Once you have verified your CSG award with Accessibility Services, you will receive an email from the ASC within a few days informing you of your increased weekly tutoring hours.

Important information about invoices and receipts for students with CSG funding for academic supports.

  • Once a CSG award has been verified, the student will start to receive periodic invoices for funded academic supports.
  • You are encouraged to pay these invoices immediately and to keep copies of all charges and payments for your records.
  • You are responsible for keeping copies of all receipts for the services and equipment that are paid for with CSG funds.
  • Manitoba Student Aid will require you to submit copies of your paid receipts at the end of your study period to verify that you used the funds for the intended purpose.
  • Any funds not used or accounted for will need to be returned to Manitoba Student Aid at the end of your study period.