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Video Resources

RRC Library offers thousands of educational videos, documentaries and feature films. Learn more about our video collection here.

Streaming in LEARN: Tips for Linking to the Library's Streaming Collection

Successfully linking to RRC Library's streaming videos requires being aware that we have several providers (also known as "hosts," or the location where the streaming video file is stored). This page shows you how to identify a streaming host and locate the right link based on the source. We also provide examples of links for you to try yourself and refer you to LEARN Support and Training available at the College.

On this page:

► Fnd the right link to use

► Identify a link address

► Using Permalinks

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Find the Right Link to Use

1. Understand internal vs. external hosts

RRC Library's streaming video collection may be hosted internally on a server at the College or externally through a variety of providers. Identifying the source of the video is the first step to deciding what link to provide to your students. It is essential to use the right link, otherwise they may not be able to access the video. All links to licensed and Library-owned content require the user to log in before viewing.

2. Identify the host

The host of a video is evident in the link address. Videos hosted at the College are indicated by "" All other link addresses are usually external sources that the Library subscribes to.

Examples of external hosts include:

3. Identify which link to use

There may be more than one link available for a video. Below are our recommendations for what link to use. Copy and paste this link into your content. NOTE: Log in is required in order to access the link.



4. Alternate option: use a permalink

A permalink is a permanent static link to the Library's catalogue record, which contains information about the video as well as a link to the video itself.

Identify a Link Address

1. Look for the Links section at the bottom of the catalogue record.

Identifying the link location

2. Hover over the title link.

3. Look for the source URL at bottom left corner of screen.

Look for the link source

4. Note the site location of the URL.

The site of the URL about is This title is hosted internally, indicated by the site "" in the URL

Using Permalinks

A permalink is a permanent and static link which you may use to link to the Library's streaming videos. Here are instructions on how to find the permalink, which you can copy and paste into LEARN.

Once in the catalogue record for a title, click on the Permalink icon and then Copy the Permalink to Clipboard (see the image below).