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Video Not Streaming Smoothly?

On this page:

Learn how to improve your streaming experience in the following ways:

► Internet Connection

► Computer Speed

► Image Quality

How to Improve an Internet Connection

Network cable

1. Connect to the network

A wired connection is faster and more reliable than a wireless one.

2. Make the Most of Wireless

  • Use WiFi, not your phone's data, when on a mobile device.
  • Get as close as possible to a wireless router. At home, you may consider purchasing a WiFi range extender if this isn't possible.
  • Disconnect competing devices. The number of devices connected to a wireless network impacts Internet speed.

3. Submit a Case Log for Ongoing Issues

If you continually experience issues with Internet performance in a classroom at RRC, please submit a Caselog to Computer Technologies.

Please Note

RRC's wireless network is less reliable when heavily used or when many users are tapped into a single access point at the same time (i.e. during lunch hour at the Library or when an event is on).

How to Improve Computer Speed

1. Minimize background activity

  • Close unused programs and browser windows
  • Avoid background downloads

2. Clear up unneeded data

  • Restart computer and/or run a security scan
  • Clear browser cache

Learn more

Article by Indiana University Knowledge Base: How do I clear my web browser's cache, cookies, and history?

3. Pause for buffering

When video streams, it is downloading and playing at the same time. If the computer can't download and play at the same time, it must stop and buffer to catch up.

Solution: Pause and wait a few seconds to give the software some space.

How to Improve Image Quality

Reduce display size

RRC Library is in the process of converting VHS titles to streaming format. These videos may appear pixelated or grainy, which is due to the quality of the original master.

Reducing the size of the display screen using one of the following methods may improve the image quality:

  • Exit out of full screen mode
  • Decrease the size of the browser window
  • Lower the screen resolution (800 x 600 or lower is recommended)

Use these tips for individual viewing and larger presentations.