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18-Dec-18 Fathom

probe : to take soundings : to measure by a sounding line : to penetrate and come to understand : a unit of length equal to six feet (1.8 meters)

Most people could not fathom their unusual marriage, but it worked.

Credit: Merriam Webster
17-Dec-18 Ingratiate

to gain favor or favorable acceptance for by deliberate effort — usually used with 'with'

The cat's purring and snuggling were enough to ingratiate her with the family. 

14-Dec-18 Connive

to pretend ignorance of or fail to take action against something one ought to oppose : secret sympathy : cooperate secretly or have a secret understanding : conspire

Together they would connive and cheat their shareholders of millions.
Credit: Merriam Webster
13-Dec-18 Sciential

relating to or producing knowledge or science : having efficient knowledge : capable

Researchers could find no sciential reason for the mass death of the ravens. 
Credit: Merriam Webster
12-Dec-18 Betwixt

between : neither the one nor the other : in a middle or unresolved position

I am betwixt amused and annoyed by his antics. 
Credit: Merriam Webster
11-Dec-18 Ritzy

snobbish : impressively or ostentatiously fancy or stylish : fashionable, posh

I've never vacationed at a ritzy resort, but I sure would like to experience it once. 
Credit: Merriam Webster
10-Dec-18 Mayhem

willful and permanent crippling, mutilation, or disfigurement of any part of the body : needless or willful damage or violence

The uneventful protest descended into mayhem when the violent counter-protesters arrived.
Credit: Merriam Webster
07-Dec-18 Complicit
kuh m-plis-it

helping to commit a crime or do wrong in some way

My silence and inaction made me complicit in the crime I witnessed.
Credit: Merriam Webster
07-Dec-18 Perspicacious

acute mental vision or discernment : keen

Barbara's perspicacious mind could immediately recognize a telephone scam when she heard one.

Credit: Merriam Webster
06-Dec-18 Parse

to divide (a sentence) into grammatical parts and identify the parts and their relations to each other : to examine in a minute way : analyze critically

Before I answer, I will have to parse that sentence fully.
Credit: Merriam Webster
05-Dec-18 Toxic

poisonous material capable of causing death or serious debilitation : extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful : exhibiting symptoms of infection

Mushroom picking is fun but you must first learn which are edible and which are toxic.

Credit: Merriam Webster
04-Dec-18 Youthquake
yooth -kwayke

a shift in cultural norms influenced by the values, tastes, and mores of young people

Vivian Westwood's fashion was integral to the 70's punk youthquake.
Credit: Merriam Webster
03-Dec-18 Scrumptious
skruhmp-shuh s

very pleasing, especially to the senses; delectable; delightful; excellent, especially delicious

I cannot wait to buy some of that scrumptious fudge at the upcoming craft sale.
Credit: Merriam Webster
30-Nov-18 Sinew

a tendon, especially one used as a cord or thread :
strength; power; resilience : the chief supporting force

The traditional garment was sewn together with fine strands of sinew. 
Credit: Merriam Webster
29-Nov-18 Gridiron

a football field : a utensil consisting of parallel metal bars on which to broil meat or other food : any framework or network resembling a gridiron.

I prefer my older neighbourhood's gridiron layout, rather than the more recent arrangements of bays, coves and roundabouts.
Credit: Merriam Webster
28-Nov-18 Mordant

biting and caustic in thought, manner, or style : incisive : burning, pungent

Trevor's mordant wit could sting as often as it brought laughter. 
Credit: Merriam Webster
27-Nov-18 Argy-bargy

a lively discussion : argument, dispute

We had a bit of an argy-bargy over the matter before coming to an agreement.
Credit: Merriam Webster
26-Nov-18 Seriatim

In a series : one after another

The dietician listed all the foods I should avoid in seriatim. 
Credit: Merriam Webster
23-Nov-18 Rogue

1. vagrant, tramp : a dishonest or worthless person : scoundrel : a mischievous person : scamp

2. aberrant, dangerous, or uncontrollable : corrupt, dishonest : renegade

The rogue cop is a popular character in many works of crime fiction.

Credit: Merriam Webster
22-Nov-18 Populism
pop-yuh-liz-uh m

any various, often antiestablishment or anti-intellectual political movements or philosophies that appeal to the common person :
grass-roots democracy; working-class activism; egalitarianism.

There is much talk about the rise and ramifications of populism across the world.
Credit: Merriam Webster
21-Nov-18 Futsal

a form of association football, played indoors with five players on each side : Spanish from futbol (football) + sala (indoor)

RRC Recreation Services runs Women's and Men's Varsity Futsal teams.

20-Nov-18 Iteration
it-uh-rey-shuh n

the action or a process of repeating such as a repetition of a sequence of operations or the repetition of a sequence of computer instructions : version : incarnation

The Library displayed three iterations of the Design in Depth Exhibition.

Credit: Merriam Webster
19-Nov-18 Underling

one who is under the orders of another : inferior : a subordinate, especially one of slight importance.

Every evil genius needs an underling or two.
Credit: Merriam Webster
16-Nov-18 Amorphous

having no definite form : shapeless : being without definite character or nature : unclassifiable : lacking organization or unity

My first attempt at knitting a sweater resulted in an amorphous tangle of yarn.

Credit: Merriam Webster
15-Nov-18 Contingent
kuh n-tin-juh nt

dependent for existence or occurrence on something not yet certain; conditional : liable to happen or not; uncertain; possible:

Our plans are contingent on the weather.

Credit: Merriam Webster
14-Nov-18 Dank

unpleasantly moist or wet

Slang: (of marijuana) excellent; high quality:
Slang: (of an Internet meme) passé or clichéd; out of touch; having missed the cultural Zeitgeist.

Bob didn't buy the bungalow due to its dank basement.
Credit: Merriam Webster
13-Nov-18 Vagary

an erratic, unpredictable, or extravagant occurrence, action, or instance; a whimsical, wild, or unusual idea, desire, or action.

That storm was certainly a vagary of weather.

Credit: Merriam Webster
12-Nov-18 Vantage

a position, condition, or place affording some advantage or a commanding view ; an advantage or superiority

The indoor cat-tree provides an excellent vantage point for Kitty to watch the birds outside.
Credit: Merriam Webster
09-Nov-18 Embolden
em-bohl-duh n

to make bold or bolder; hearten; encourage.

Stop feeding the cat at the table, or you'll embolden her to jump on it during dinner.

Credit: Merriam Webster
08-Nov-18 Manifesto

a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer

The mass murderer left behind a manifesto, as though it might explain his horrific actions.

Credit: Merriam Webster
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