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ASC: Supports for Faculty and Staff - In-Class Workshops

About the Copyright Workshops

Red River College Polytechnic takes the protection of Intellectual Property rights seriously. The College, its staff and its students shall not reproduce any works to which Copyright subsists without a license or other permission of the Copyright owner or the representative of the Copyright owner, unless such reproduction is otherwise permitted by law. Exceptions to Copyright are found in the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act. Our college policy provides guidelines for copying under the Fair Dealing exceptions. All staff and students shall follow these guidelines.

This session is intended to build a base awareness for students engaging with copyright materials during their study as well as providing a base understanding of copyright considerations for when they enter the workforce.

The Copyright Session covers:

  • Copyright Policy and Guidelines at Red River College Polytechnic
  • Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act
  • Creative Commons and Open Education

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to define copyright and demonstrate good comprehension of creator and user rights in relation to copyright.

Students will demonstrate the ability to identify copyright content and assess use of copyright materials in relation to fair dealing guidelines outlined in the Red River College Polytechnic P7 policy.

Students will be able to navigate copyright resources at Red River College Polytechnic, as well engage with external open educational resources (OER)  and creative commons (CC) materials.

Customized Content

The Copyright Officer endeavors to design and deliver sessions tailored to the program engaged by the session so that’s students will be able to interact professionally with copyright when they enter workforce.

To Book a Copyright Workshop for your Class

Book an Introduction to Copyright session for your class

The copyright officer at Red River College Polytechnic offers 1-hour sessions that will introduce students to the Copyright Act of Canada and Copyright policy at Red River College Polytechnic.

To request and book an introduction to Copyright in-classroom workshop please contact the Copyright Officer:

Picture of Ebony Novakowski

Ebony Novakowski
Copyright Officer

Notre Dame Campus CM43 (Library)
P: 204-632-2913  E: