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ASC: Supports for Faculty and Staff - In-Class Workshops

About the Diversity Training for Students

The Academic Success Centre provides diversity training to students at Red River College to support the development of their intercultural competence and enhance their understanding and respect for gender and sexual diversity.

Intercultural Competence Training

Intercultural Competence workshops are available to assist students in developing the cultural awareness and skills needed to study and work successfully in today’s global environment. This training series include:

  • Module 1 - Uncovering our Cultural Lens
  • Module 2 - Navigating Cultural Differences
  • Module 3 - Communicating across Cultures
  • Module 4 - Challenging Cultural Assumptions and Bias

Gender and Sexual Diversity Training

Gender and sexual diversity workshops are also available to support students in understanding the complexity of the gender and sexual diversity spectrum and develop inclusive strategies for respectful and affirming communication. This training series include:

  • Module 1 - Understanding Gender and Sexual Diversity
  • Module 2 - Uncovering Assumptions and Barriers

Anti-Racism Training (Coming Soon!)

When we think and talk about racism, most people reference examples of interactions between people. But racism is also maintained by institutions and society through the implementation of policies, practices, and programs. This training is an introduction of how racism functions as an interconnected system.

Authentic learning about social justice and participation in Anti-Racism training often includes difficult conversations, feeling uncomfortable, and navigating strong emotions through this learning journey. We are all in different places in this learning journey; it is our intent to allow for time and space to process our thoughts and emotions as we share this journey together.

It is the goal of this training to contribute to our educational efforts in:

  • Acknowledging how racism has shaped our thinking and actions
  • Enhancing our knowledge
  • Speaking out against racism and systemic barriers

To Book a Diversity Workshop for your Class

The Diversity Training offers  a modular structure with a series of 1-hour interactive workshops that allows knowledge and skills building as students progress from module to module. Our current suite of Intercultural Competence Training currently has 4 modules, while the Gender and Sexual Diversity Awareness Training offers 2 modules.

To request and book a Diversity Training in-classroom workshop please complete the online form below.

Questions about the Diversity Training workshops? Please contact:

Picture of Nora SobelNora Sobel
Diversity Initiatives Coordinator
Notre Dame Campus, CM-33
Phone: 204.632.2404