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Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Team

  • Library Services staff communicating with the public and/or posting content in any Library Services social media platforms will be clearly identifiable as a Library Services employee and abide by the same employee code of conduct applied to normal business operations.
  • Library Services staff will comply with and adhere to College policies, including Fair Dealing (Copyright); Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy; Discrimination and Harassment; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. For more information:
  • Library Services staff contributing to the Library Services’ social media will present content in a professional manner, including checking facts, citing sources, adhering to copyright, presenting balanced views, verifying spelling and grammar, and acknowledging and correcting errors. Library Services staff will not discuss confidential, work-related matters through social media.
  • Library Services staff will respect Library Services’ confidential and proprietary information, and not post information that is still in draft form or is confidential.
  • Library Services staff will not make pejorative comments on Library Services’ social media platforms.
  • Library Services does not endorse, monitor or review the content of personal, non-Library Services related social media activity of its employees.

Social Media Users

On occasion, we may wish to use materials, comments and information posted by public users on the Library’s social media accounts. In that event, we will contact the user to request permission.

We reserve the right (but are not obligated) to review, screen, edit and delete comments, in accordance with the Library’s Public Comment Guidelines below, if:

  • containing off-topic or unrelated to the original post
  • containing discriminatory, racist, or obscene comments or content
  • advocating illegal activity or posting of material that violates copyrights, trademarks or intellectual property
  • seeking or designed to advertise, promote or solicit for any business, commercial transaction or non-government service or fundraising, or solicits business or third-party account likes, follows, subscriptions, etc.
  • including impersonation, libel, or slander; or disclosing information of another without consent or authority
  • containing chain messages or spam
  • compromising the safety or security of the college computer systems, or public systems, or the safety and security of the public