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Math and Science Centre

Algebra Review Course




The Academic Success Centre has compiled all Algebra review materials and resources into one central location. Our goal is to help you easily access these materials and improve your skills and knowledge of your course content.

In this course, you will find practice worksheets, answer keys, and video tutorials created and developed by our ASC tutors.



Module 1

Significant Figures

Module 2

Exponents and Radicals

Module 3

Operations of Polynomials

Module 4

Solving Linear Equation & Word Problems

Module 5

Solving Systems of Linear Equations & Word Problems

Module 6

Factoring Polynomials

Module 7

Solving Quadratic Equations

Module 8

Solving High order Polynomial Equations

Module 9

Solving Radical Equations

Module 10

Rational Fractions & Solving Equations

Module 11

Solving Linear Inequalities

Module 12

Determinants, Matrices, & Applications

Module 13

Solving Exponential Equations

Module 14

Solving Logarithm Equations

Module 15


Module 16

Plan Analytic Geometry

Module 17

Binomial Theorem & Applications

Module 18

Common Errors

Module 19

Final Review Practice Questions & Solutions

Module 20

Applied Math Worksheets & Answer Keys