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Scientific Calculator Review Course




This review course is designed for students across various RRC Polytech programs who are looking to practice and improve their skills in basic mathematics. In this review course you will find practice worksheets and video tutorials with answer keys.



Module 1

Introduction (Mode, Clear, & Reset)

Module 2

Scientific Constants

Module 3

Unit Conversions

Module 4

Conversions Between Fractions & Decimals

Module 5

Fraction Operations

Module 6

Shortcut Buttons

Module 7

Complex Number Operations (1)

Module 8

Complex Number Operations (2)

Module 9

Graphing Function Using Table of Values

Module 10

Solving Formulas

Module 11

Solving System of Linear Equations

Module 12

Factoring Quadratics

Module 13

Solving Quadratic Equations by Using CALC Button

Module 14

Evaluate Algebra Expressions Using CALC Button

Module 15

Evaluate Derivatives Using CASIO fx-991MS Calculator

Module 16

Calculating Definite Integration Using CASIO fx-991MS Calculator

Module 17

Calculating the Lengths of an Arc

Module 18

Statistics: Find the Mean and Standard Deviation

Module 19

Troubleshooting Assistance

Module 20

Scientific Calculator: Matric Operations & Inverse of Matrix