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UpToDate (Database Instruction)

UpToDate is a clinical decision support resource

Keyword & Menu searching

Sample Keyword Search for Clinical Monographs




1. In the search box in the centre of the search screen, type in the keyword(s) relevant to your search. 

2. Choose a subject or title that appears from the dropdown screen.









Table of Contents



3. Once in the document, notice the "Summary and Recommendations" located for convenient access at the top of the table of contents.  Click on this to quickly view this part of the document.  Otherwise scroll down the table of contents at the left side of the screen to locate those aspects of the document that are of interest to you.   These might include discussions of treatment options, pharmacologic therapy, various calculators, references and lists of related topics and documents.   













4.  Under the Graphics tab in this particular document you will find a pharmacologic therapy tab that takes you to the screen below, which gives recommendations on drug therapy.  


Sample Menu Search for Drug Information

There are additional ways to access drug related information.  Under the Contents tab at the top of the screen you will discover a tab for drug information.   Clicking on this and then on General Drug Information takes you to an alphabetical list of specific drugs.

The same drug related information can also be accessed by performing a keyword search.

Printing Monographs

Print Monographs

You can print a monograph by clicking on print at the upper right corner of the screen.




Once in the print version you can stipulate which part of the document you wish to print.  The same procedure can be followed for printing and sharing patient education information. 




Make a recommendation

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