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College Readiness

A package of tools to prepare students for college.

Study Skills: Introduction to the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

In order to best develop your skills as a strategic learner, it helps to start with a basic understanding of the study skills and strategies that you already have. The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) is a tool you can use to assess your current skills, attitudes, and behaviours as a learner. After completing a short online assessment, you will have access to a personalized report that both highlights your existing strengths and offers insights and supports for improving areas of weakness.

Complete these three steps to get the most from your LASSI:

1. Take the LASSI assessment online. It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete all 60 items.

2. Complete the online instructional modules.

3. Take a post-test.

A hyperlinked screenshot of the LASSI landing page.

Becoming a Strategic Learner landing page.


Take the LASSI Online

Before you begin: Email to request your LASSI school number, username, and password. You'll need them to take the LASSI.

Once you have this information, visit to get started.

A hyperlinked screenshot of the LASSI start page.

Click Begin.

  • You will receive instructions on how to complete the inventory—make sure to read them carefully. 
  • Enter the school number, username, and password you received via email.

Click Submit.

  • Fill in your name and email address to ensure your results are forwarded to you upon completion.

A hyperlinked screenshot of one of LASSI's registration pages.Click Continue to start the LASSI.

  • Complete all 60 items in the assessment. It should take roughly 15 minutes.





Remember! The LASSI is not for marks, so there is no “passing” or “failing”. Your results will help to identify your areas of strength and those where you have room for improvement, so be honest with yourself as you move through the questions. Please note that LASSI is a tool designed to give a general overview of your learning styles and inclinations, and may not reflect your current perception of yourself as a learner.

Review Your LASSI Results

After completing the LASSI you will receive an email with a link to your results. Review your results to see the areas where you scored well and those with room for improvement. When you are ready, you can begin using the instructional modules to start improving your study skills and strategies.

A screenshot of a LASSI Scores chart

The LASSI report charts your scores and includes a detailed interpretation to help you better understand what those scores mean.


Work on the LASSI Instructional Modules

The LASSI instructional modules are designed to help you improve your skills in ten different topic areas. Each module consists of five to eight sections that include new information, self-led activities, and reflections to help you understand how that specific topic area impacts your learning. Each module ends with a final quiz ("Capstone") to reinforce what you have learned. 

You can complete the modules in any order and at your own pace—power through the modules in one sitting, or come back to them periodically to review the suggested study skills and strategies. It’s up to you! Your learning is in your own hands. 

To access the modules, visit the Becoming a Strategic Learner landing page and click Step 2: Work on Modules.

Enter your e-mail address and modules key to log-in (The modules key is printed on your LASSI Profile page and can also be found in the email sent to you after you completed the LASSI.).

A Screenshot of the LASSI instructional modules homepage

The modules' homepage has an overview of how you scored in each of the ten assessed areas. Click on one of the areas to begin working on that area's instructional module. You can complete as many modules as you wish and review them at any time.

A sample from the instructional module on anxiety. Progressively work your way through a module by learning about that topic and how it can impact your learning. Then, reflect on ways to incorporate it into your own studying.


Take the LASSI Post-Test

A screenshot of the registration process for taking a LASSI Post-TestMeasure your progress by taking a LASSI post-test at

The steps for taking the post-test are nearly identical to those of the initial test. Just be sure to fill out your school number and student key in the Second Administration box.

Click Take Post-Test to begin.

Congratulations! You've taken an important step in taking charge of your personal and academic success!