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Communication Strategies: Participating

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Engage with others to ensure communication is clear, correct, and complete.

Using this Strategy

You will use the participation strategy when you:

  • Share ideas though the chat and microphone during class.
  • Meet with classmates in groups to work on assignments and activities.
  • Clearly communicate using PACT (Purpose, Audience, Context, Tone).
  • Reply to student and instructor emails promptly and using a professional tone.
  • Manage teamwork conflicts by communicating assertively.
  • Take initiative to organize group work and divide tasks.
  • Give and accept feedback from students and instructors.

Key Resources

To learn about strategies for working with a group or team:

To learn about assertive communication:

  • Watch this LinkedIn Learning video: Communicating Assertively
    • Note: use your RRC email and password to log into LinkedIn Learning.

To learn about strategies for professional online communication

To learn how to communicate using PACT (Purpose, Audience, Context, Tone)

To learn about giving and receiving feedback: