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ASC: About Us - Our Team

Meet our Academic Support Specialists

Rebecca Hiebert – Academic Support Specialist, EAL

Picture of Rebecca Hiebert

Hello! My name is Rebecca Hiebert and I am an EAL Academic Support Specialist in the Academic Success Centre.

I deliver workshops to international students within a number of Red River College Polytechnic programs, teach the Diversity Training workshops, and am an Academic coach. I have also been an instructor for the Runway program for International Business. Prior to working at Red River College Polytechnic, I worked with the Canadian Muslim Women's Institute teaching English for Employment to newcomers who wanted to work in Winnipeg's sewing industry.

Before moving to Winnipeg, I taught high school science in California to blended classes as well as newcomer cooking and baking workshops. I have a Masters of Education from Pepperdine University in California, a Bachelors of Science in organic chemistry from the University of Toronto, and an EAL certificate from the University of Winnipeg.

I am passionate about developing student specific activities and programs so that students gain independence with their learning. I am a lifelong learner and am currently learning to play the fiddle and guitar.

Meg Loewen – Academic Support Specialist, EAL

Picture of Meg Loewen

Hi! My name is Meg Loewen and I have been working at the Academic Success Centre since 2017 as an EAL Tutor, Academic Coach and Diversity Trainer.

Since receiving my Bachelors of Education in 2009, I have worked in education both in Manitoba and abroad. I taught in Manitoba’s public school system for six years and spent time volunteering in educational settings on five different continents.

I have a Master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Education and the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA).

I am deeply committed to teaching and excited about working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Individual learning styles, goals, motivations, and stories shape us as learners, and I aim to support my students’ learning in the way that best suits them.

Michael Reimer – Academic Support Specialist, Business

Picture of Mike ReimerI have been a staff tutor at Red River College Polytechnic since 1998.

Recently I have expanded into making tutoring videos for the Wiseguys series.

My specialties are Business Math, Financial Accounting I, Financial Accounting II and Statistics.

Good luck with your studies!

Kyle Schewe – Academic Support Specialist, Business and Coaching

Picture of Kyle Schewe

Working primarily at the Exchange District Campus, Kyle has made the campus his home and can be found in the PSC Library (P214) tutoring students, leading workshops, or working on projects that seek to improve the delivery of services by the ASC to improve the success of the students at Red River College Polytechnic.

Kyle has experience teaching business related courses for over 10 years and has expanded his knowledge in such programs as Business Administration, Applied Accounting, and Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing. His ability to not only teach, but allow the learner the space to learn at their own pace and provide foundational skills applicable to all their courses, is what each student takes away from a meeting with Kyle. He models successful learning to students, and expects them to also put in the energy with their time together, as each student has control over their own progress and should feel pride in their achievements as they move from a new student to graduation. If there was only one piece of advice Kyle would give a student, it would be about reading questions from textbooks or on exams; “Read it again. Read it again! READ IT AGAIN!” He really believes that students do not allow themselves enough forgiveness in their own abilities, and cannot stress how important it is to read a question more than once. Kyle will be the first one to say he reads a question three times before he really understands it!

Nick Schroeder – Academic Support Specialist, Writing and Communication

Picture of Nick SchroederHi, my name is Nick Schroeder and I am an Academic Support Specialist at the Academic Success Centre where I specialize in academic writing and communication. I have been helping students improve their academic writing skills since 2014 and find my new home at the Red River College Polytechnic Academic Success Centre as of 2020.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dalhousie University and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba. My background is in applied and professional ethics, specifically in the field of bioethics.

I have worked with students in many areas of post-secondary education including English, History, Economics, Nursing, Labour Studies, Philosophy, Medicine, and Engineering.

As an Academic Support Specialist, my priority is to improve students’ academic writing and communication skills by expanding their own academic self-confidence. I apply a developmental and collaborative approach to tutoring by working together with the student to identify and advance their academic capabilities. My proudest moments in Academic Support have come from watching students surpass their own academic expectations by improving writing skills, passing difficult classes, and winning awards!

Charanjit Singh – Academic Support Specialist, Business

Picture of Charanjit SinghThe one thing I enjoy more than Accounting and Stats is helping others understand the course material more fully. I am a recent grad from the Business Administration program and moved right into being a staff tutor. I primarily tutor in Business Admin, Applied Accounting and BIT.

My favorite thing about tutoring occurs in my Math and Accounting workshops – when I see a student or a group of students work together to find their own way to the solution. Being a recent graduate, I try to relate with the difficulties students face, and provide them with the guidance needed to move forward and succeed in achieving their goals. I encourage our students to study in small groups when it comes to solving complex problems because through team-work students find different ways in finding the solution.

My interests are varied and include travelling, sports and language learning.

Tery Tamayo - Academic Support Specialist, Math and Science

Just call me Tery for short. I am here and ready to help you if you are struggling in Math or Science. Although my specialty is Chemistry, I can help in subjects like Physics, Biology, Physical Sciences, Math including Trigonometry, Precalculus, Algebra and Statistics.
I have years of experience teaching first and second year engineering students as well as Education students majoring in Chemistry back in the Philippines. Here in Canada, these teaching skills were polished with my experience teaching in a diverse setting specially working with Indigenous Students.
I am passionate about helping students from diverse backgrounds in any areas of Math and Sciences. I look forward to meeting you for our first tutoring session.